you’ll remember me like a melody…

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I’m not a valet, but I play one on the internet.
So on Sunday, I’m in at the gas station, in a rush because I’m going from the boathouse to a Doll gig. Rushing rushing rushing – there was no hot water at the boathouse, so I’m not just in a rush, I’m also friggin’ cold.
Gas in the car, back up to leave, and hear cruuuuunch. Yes, that’s right – I completely & totally backed myself into a pole. Nobody else involved, totally just me, myself & I. Dented my fender & took out the cover of the light.

The funny part? I got out of the car wearing the company shirt. I was joking with MadamG about it later, & she was all, “next time take off your uniform shirt before getting out!”
(Yes, I can joke with my boss at the valet co that I cracked up my car – after 5 years without a scratch working for her, G knows this was an anomaly)

Honestly, I’m not really that upset about it. I have firmly come to the belief that a consequence of driving is that everyone has a certain amt. of Accident Karma they have to pay off every so often — much like John Mayer’s theory of a New York City Complication Fee, even if you stay home all day, they just come in & take it. So you gotta figure considering that my part time gig involves driving cars that cost more than I make in three years, I didn’t hit someone else, and the only car that got damaged was mine… I’m chalking this up to me paying my LA Traffic Complication Fee for the next five years or so. I keep forgetting to call the insurance company, though – really need to do that tomorrow during the day. oy.

It’s Deja vu all over again!
So I’m looking at the preview for The Book of Eli & I see this:

Plot Summary: In the not-too-distant future, across the wasteland of what was once America, a lone warrior must fight to bring civilization the knowledge that could be the key to its redemption.

Hopefully Denzel does better with that plot on dry land than Costner did on water.

Interesting ponderance:
@danecook If u could switch places w/ anyone 4 1 day & f up their life who? #TwistedGoodness

Oh yeah, you already thought of the name – no no, don’t try to pretend — you had the thought. Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies.

It’s a new hybrid of slacker.
I love watching the businesspeople that come in to Starbucks to work & … just… can’t.. get.. comfortable. They don’t know how to… slouch, & it just seems out of place for them to be trying to make a proper workspace amongst us migrant urchins in our worn jeans as we type away on battered laptops, iPods diligently churning away to drown out the “relaxing” atmosphere that ye old ‘Bucks strives so hard to create. (fyi, if I can hear your music over my headphones? Way less welcoming. If I want that, I’ll go hang out at Urban Outfitters so I can not only be deaf but also have the bonus of feeling fat & slightly intimidated by the half-naked people walking around. I’m just sayin’.)

…is this a hint?
I had two spam comments today, one of which was an advertisement for vacuums. Is that that internet’s way of telling me I suck?

Music: Slow Like Honey – Fiona Apple Fiona Apple - Tidal - Slow Like Honey

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