You ever just read the internet & think, “I’m sorry, what?” (3 examples)

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Example 1:
I was scanning this article on apartmenttherapy | New York (why yes, I do live in LA, thank you) and I saw this comment. Read the content, then look at their username:

Try putting low tack, double-sided tape on all the areas the cat likes to scratch. It like setting a booby trap, the tape catches on its paws and freaks it out. After a few times, the kitty associates the couch with bad memories and learns to stay away.
- needtherapy

Nice. Well, at least they know.

ex deux:
Now, I like ING. I use them for a lot of my banking, & will be using them for more in the coming future. However, this footnote at the end of an email made me blink:

Hey ladies: Looking for another place to unite with fellow female Savers? Check out DailyWorth for some money talk meets girl talk.

I just… I don’t know if that’s what they were going for, but I feel patronized and… odd about that remark. Possibly their copywriter had just finished a Mad Men marathon & thus needed to re-tool their viewpoint of women back to modern realities? dunno, but yah. Not so much, dude. Not. So. Much.

Note: nothing against, it actually looks like a good site & I’ll probably check it out further at another time. just… bad writing. So few words, to have such bad, bad writing.

well, they say things come in threes…
From itself, look at this winner of a comment near the bottom:
You never know when your ife is going to end, due to accident or terminal medicalcondition. Everyone should have life insurance. I had signed up for 75,000 about a year before I was stabbed by my husband & died twice once in the helicopter & once in the or. Don’t ever take for granted that you will live to see another day. I have term life because the whole life that you can borrow on, can leave you with a hefty loan payment that will eat up your insurance policy.Everyone have a great day!

I just… I can’t even pick a response to that. You just go on ahead, make up a snarky comment all your own, pretend I told it to you.


Oh internet… who you got runnin’ ’round inside you baby? You poor, poor thing. :pet:pet:

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  • MrWhyt

    laughs at the imaginary snarky comment

    oh Claris, your wit is both insightful and biting

    • claris

      thank you, I often get that reaction from men. ;)

      But I mean, where do you start?

      She cites accident or terminal medical condition, then goes on to talk about how she almost died twice because her husband stabbed her.
      To my reasoning, going by the basic debate structure of “theory statement followed by evidence” I can’t help but wonder — which of her referenced circumstances does that story fall under? “accident” or “terminal medical condition”? Or maybe both, since she accidentally caught the terminal medical condition of being dead twice because her husband stabbed her right after she took out the $75k policy on herself?

      That right there would not entice me to buy life insurance. I’m sorry, but the marketing professional in me feels obligated to offer that it’s just not an anecdote for the feel-good commercials, that’s all I’m sayin’.

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