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I have entered a 10 minute internet-free zone
Or so CBTL tells me. Since I’m stuck offline for a few minutes, I thought I’d take this rare opportunity to update.

I haven’t blown anything up yet!
Well, I’ve been working part-time at Museum!Co for two weeks now, and I’m choosing to take the lack of explosive incindiary devices to be a positive sign for us all. ;)

Okay, no – seriously… the work is ridiculously within my range of skill, the pay is great (even if they’re net 30 so it looks like Museum!Co‘s present for my 31st bday will be my first paycheck), and the people are actually nice. Part of the reason is that after years of FUBAR office after FUBAR office topped off by working in the infomercial industry for a bunch of stoners in Venice, I just couldn’t take the thought of another attempt to blend into an office full of assholes I didn’t give a damn about. But this office is actually rather nice, and having Polgara there makes for a nifty change, even if she did attempt to get the department to use my board name, which may or may not have earned her The Eyebrow Raise.

Wego Pte Ltd

Officially, I was originally slated to be there until Oct 19th, but they wrote my contract to go until Dec 20th so they’d have the option to extend w/o extra paperwork. Right now, it’s been confirmed that I’ll be working there until at Nov 19th on the project I was specifically brought in for, and PJMC, who’s kind of been asssigned in charge of me told me that I’ll really enjoy the Christmas party. Since Museum!Boss also told Polgara they’re going to try to keep me at least through January, I’m actually able to take half a moment & breathe for once.

We’re takin’ a moment…
…and we’re done.
~ Oz

Of course, that still leaves me with my other clients, who I am horribly behind on. It’s Halloween weekend in West Hollywood, and on this fine Sunday morning I’m in my haunt of CBTL on Melrose, uploading files for a new website for the charming city of Decatur, Georgia whose website I’m subcontracted to work on. Fun fact – their youth swim team is named the Decatur Gators. Yeah, really.

it’s because of catching up that so far this weekend, I’ve missed out on:
1. rowing Head of the American.
2. Jessica’s baby shower
3. Heather’s invite to go to the Magic Castle on Halloween.
(yes, that last one was a particularly sharp dagger to the chest. :sigh:)

But yes – it’s Halloween, and I’m coming up on hour nine in the same chair here at CBTL – possibly a personal record. In truth, it’s a good thing that the shifts changed, thus preventing the employees from trying to get me to buy something else — somehow, I don’t think that the large hot tea I ordered when I got here at 7:30am really counts as paying my way for this long.

I have other things, really I do — I’ve just run out of 10-min breaks. Next up – my new guys, a pair of Ayurvedic healers named Damien & Bud. (Yes, really. Bud.) Also, my ongoing attempts to be able to spell “Ayurvedic” right the first time w/o having to double check it using google.

Music: Dog Days are Over – Florence + the Machine (Lungs) Lungs - Florence + The Machine

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  • Megdalen

    Florence and the Machine Lungs? Is that the Make A Wish Foundation house band? ha ha.

    Hooray for employment! I have become a Pampered Chef consultant myself, and it’s wicked fun because I get to go out of the house away from the children and talk about food, and then eat food. So if you need a kick-ass garlic press or anything, I’m your girl.

    I am knocking on wood even as I think this, but with continued employment it is entirely possible that your Christmas may not suck. Don’t do anything to muck it up, like, go visit NH or anything. (my lovely visage notwithstanding.)

    Miss you bunches


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