Workin’ on the List: Jan 2011 status report

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So it’s been a couple of months since I last took stock, & the beginning of the year seems like a good time to take an inventory of my progress on The List.

Car stuff:
- new tires for Zoom-Zoom
- back bumper fixed

Zoey stuff:
- pet insurance for Zoey
- annual shots up to date (for Zoey!)

Rowing stuff:
- my own set of C2 oars

Work stuff
- began a membership for edjimicachun
- anatomical drawing class at LAAFA fall ’10

Life stuff
- my very own vacuum

Work in Progress:
- now ranked in new order of priority!

It might seem silly to keep the page, but having the list & being able to see what I’ve actually managed to get done over the last few months is really nice. Sometimes you get the feeling like there’s just no end to it all, ya know? If nothing else, after four years, being this><close to paying off Zoom-Zoom is just so phenomenal, I can’t even tell you — I’ll get the equivalent of almost half a month’s rent back into my budget, it’s that freakin’ rawk.

Don’t worry – the next post will be life revelations, how the heavens opened up & gave me the insight of how to fix the mess of my office and studio in one fell purchase, and the fact that I’m pondering using 2011 to remember how to properly knit, gods help you all. ;)

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