Why does progress have to take so long?

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First – Work rambles that probably don’t make sense to anyone but me
–> I feel as though I’ve spent most of the week working like a crazy head only to discover that there’s still another pile of work to be done. The one client that I was going back & forth with is being revision-happy, which sucks because I just want them to decide already so we can move to the next stage & get me that much closer to getting paid. :sigh: Thus far I’ve talked them out of using the Papyrus font, am waiting while they debate using the graphic of a gun (technically, a starter pistol, but really, not a big in terms of discernment), and am working on allowing the idea that any graphic that is only 15px square is going to look a little clip-art-esque, so a word across it will actually make things worse – and no, I’m not just making that up, ’cause we’ve got these wacky things called favicons that prove my point.

–> Meantime, I’m getting new stuff in & trying to get caught up. I spent Friday & Saturday trying to put another project that’s been dragging on to bed. It’s a sort-of favor site, so I’m really only charging about a third of what it’s worth, and also a project that I’m really getting tired of being associated with right now, so I’m trying to push it closed as fast as possible. I’m close – doing some back-version browser testing tomorrow, hopefully will fix the one code hiccup that I haven’t figured out yet & get the rest of the content & have the whole thing up by Wednesday, which would put me right on schedule, thank the gods. The good news is this client will pay pretty much the same week, so that part’s an easy peasy. Really, once I fix the last few code issues, the whole thing will be easy peasy, I’m just having emotional associative issues, but whatever – the check is what my landlord cares about, and if there’s anything I’ve had drummed into me because of the emotional associative related to this client, it’s that my personal feelings don’t matter, so yes – tie it up & walk away. The only way to fly.
(Site’s gonna look better than any of their rivals, though. I’ll never stop loving that part.)

–> In the meantime, I discovered today that a couple of my emails from clients went to my spam folder. Considering the week I’m having with email, this is pretty much par for the course, but still a pain in the tookus, and thus I shall now play a jaunty game of catch-up.

–> I have this other place that I talked to in Dec. to start working for, whom I shall call Utah!Co. (go on, try to guess where they’re located.)
I went through, got everything set up, & I’ve been putting off starting for them because I’ve been working through this project stuff that was taking forever. However, I think that I’m going to just start setting aside two hours a day for them to see their tutorials & start taking simple jobs from their work pool, otherwise I feel like I’ll just keep pushing them off, & since they pay on a weekly basis, that kind of regular payout isn’t something a freelancer can pass up.

Second – life rambles that may only be marginally more interesting.

- The taxman doesn’t cometh – I goeth to him.
Friday’s mail included the yearly letter from my accountant with my assigned appointment for my taxes, so I went through & separated out my receipts & the like for the last year today. Things that I’ve learned from this activity:

Due to the last point on that list, the Great Tax Totalling o’ Stuff has to be finished at a later date. :grumble:

- Sleep is for the weak
My sleep schedule keeps getting flipped. I’ll have this burst of energy & do a bunch of things, look up & realize, “Hey, it’s 1 am!” Then I think about the fact that I should probably get some sleep before practice in the morning, set my alarm with the intention of just getting a few hours’ sleep, and wake up at 8am, having slept through any chance of getting a row in, and having a completely fracked start to the day because I’m already three hours’ behind schedule.

The solution, sadly, is the new rule that once I’m up past 2am, I have to just suck it up & stay up through the day – I figure eventually, sheer exhaustion will force me to start sleeping proper hours rather than the nocturnal existence that my body naturally reverts to without a set work schedule to adhere to.

If nothing else, tonight’s bout of staying up has meant getting my kitchen tidied, making pita chips (due to Polgara’s acknowledgement that Kate’s idea is awesome that’ll be a recipe entry at a later date), and finally changing my sheets & washing my bedding. (it’s hard to go to bed if there’s no blankets. For me, blankets and the ability to snuggle are very key, a penchant of mine that has been remarked upon during the rare occasions where someone else shared the bed.) Of course, I still have what themusesbitch would refer to as a whack of work to prep, and a party to valet for 4 hours after practice is over this morning. I’m hoping to be able to get an hour or so of work in between practice & valeting, but we’ll see.

- Because Darcy will always kick Edward’s ass
One of the junior girls & I have been debating books since I informed her that Twilight was crap, and she told me the other day that over Christmas, she’d fallen in love with Pride & Predjudice, which I of course heartily endorse. To continue such a happy trend, I’m lending her this: Mr. Darcy’s Story. This will most likely result in posts re: Pride & Predjudice sequel novels, as well as precisely why it is that Mr. Darcy kicks Edward’s ass due to this little thing we sometimes refer to as a hero’s journey. But hey – ‘nother post for ‘nother day.

- Hi, I’ve been ruined by pop culture
My Netflix this week included Funny Girl — not because I’m a big Barbara Streisand fan, but because I love Glee.
My parents were actually kind of anti-Babs, so I’d never seen the movie. However, after the version of Don’t Rain on my Parade that they used in Sectionals I figured I should see the original to see what all the hoo was about. Movie was decent, and probably seemed predictable to me because I’m sure it’s been repeated in plot variations a million times since & I’m just seeing the original afterwards, but honestly? I kinda like Lea Michelle’s version of the song better. Possibly this makes me an ignoramus, but since the only other living creature that occasionally has to hear me singing along in traffic is my dog, I’m kind of okay with that.

The new feature on Pandora Radio that allows you to custom your QuickMix? I’m digging that. Well played, Pandora.

Music: Out is Through – Alanis (So-Called Chaos) Alanis Morissette - So-Called Chaos - Out Is Through

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