Why being friends with scientists = awesome

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Claris: You still coming over to play?
Liz: I’m still @ work. :-( still on 4 lunch 2morrow?
Claris: No laundry for you! Wha’d you blow up the lab or what?
Liz: No just 20 mice ;)
Claris: Okay, that’s awesome. I’m not gonna lie.
Liz: I know ur jealous
Claris: I am, but I also have ice cream & you don’t.
Liz: I don’t like ice cream ha!
Claris: I don’t know that we can be friends now.

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  • Tony Morel

    I’m confused, did she cause the death of 20 cute fluffy rodents, did she explode 20 computer pointing devices, or did 20 rodents get together and through various nefarious schemes cause the destruction of your friends lab?

    Also, what flavour icecream?

  • claris

    Tony –
    She screwed up a lab sample. It’s really hard to argue someone ditch work when you only half-jokingly say, “Dude, it’s not like you’re curing cancer!” and she replies, “AIDs, actually.”

    Freakin’ smart people. Next lifetime, I think I might try being dumb. Those people seem to have way simpler lives. Either that, or they’re just too ignorant to be bothered. Which is better, do you think?

    also – strawberry cheesecake. Not Ben & Jerry’s version, but still not bad, especially when you sprinkle pomegranate seeds on it.

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