Twilight no, Thor yes, apartment hunting & another example of why bread is my bad boyfriend

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Twilight no, Thor yes!
In case you don’t read her books already, the fact that she put this graphic in her blog post today is yet another reason to :heart: Ms. Gail Carriger:

Oh Twilight, how I abhor thee so.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to see Thor, which it turns out is directed by Kenneth Branagh, thus making it eminently more higher on the bad-assery meter, since from him came also the best version of Hamlet in the history of ever — seriously, Kenneth Branagh is gonna pass through the pearly gates, & Bill Shakespeare will just walk up & go, “Yes! Dude, yes so totally what I was thinking the whole time.

Plus, the fact that they have shirtless shots of Chris Hemsworth means that even if the plot is somehow complete ass, the visuals should be lurverly.

Thank you, Marvel Comics. Thank you.

C’mon baby, momma wants a new place to live!
I’m supposed to go & see two apartments Friday afternoon — one that’s the right size, & within radius of Beach!Boathouse, but further away from Zoey’s boyfriend than I’d like, and another that’s w/in walking distance of Zoey’s boyfriend, but sounds a bit smaller than the other & costs $50/mo more.

I know that since there’s been a 10 year period where I haven’t had to apartment hunt, I shouldn’t complain, but I’d really like to just have a new place & be able to just go. At this point, I think my apartment & I are just tired of one another, & we both need the change.

Plus honestly there’s just too much… stuff here in LA, & I’m happier training down at Beach!Boathouse. As odd as it might sound, it just feel like the air is lighter down there, and my body is honestly happier. I did a 3x4k under HR threshold on the erg on Monday night after spending the weekend down in LB monster-corralling at Mia’s Menagerie, & I literally had a 7-second drop in my 500m split between two weeks ago when I’d done it after being in LA all weekend, vs what I was like on Monday after having spent the weekend in LB. I realize that most of you aren’t rowers, so just trust me when I say that a seven second drop in split on a heart rate piece in two weeks really isn’t something you get just from training — that’s a pretty good stress indicator as well. I’m just sayin’.

Wednesday night I went down & erg’d my pieces, and dare I say it was kinda great? I’ve been working within my heart rate ranges for the last… ever, and we’ve found those to be a bit spotty for me due to my unique ticker. CoachIan raising the rates has actually helped a lot, but I’m still not really pulling, which I think I part of why when I row, I’m not really pulling. So I took yesterday’s workout & just did it at a rate that was comfortable for me, which ended up being about a 2:05 at a 22 without me going crazy-like — just settling into something that that I could comfortably pull for a long period of time. It was kinda rockin’ — I’d made the change in technique so I feel my butt again, but last night was the first time in a LONG time that hey! I have inner thighs too! Lookit that!

The only bad thing was that for my last 4k, all I could smell was… bread. Fresh. Baked. Bread. I’ve been trying to avoid bread for a while now, so at first I chalked it up to me just wanting to be done with the last piece, but I still smelled it after stretching, & I literally did a Toucan Sam & followed my nose to discover they were having a meeting for the juniors’ team in the bays & I was smelling the food the coaches had brought for dinner, at which point I high-tailed it to the locker room since I’d accidentally walked in on a meeting of the board for the high school rowers. oopsie.

On the one hand, this is good, because it means I’m not blatantly hallucinating food.

On the other, it’s a reminder that I really need to work on bringing more food with me for after my workouts, because omfg so ravenous afterwards & TheWonderfulBreadSmell didn’t help at ALL.

Oh, bread. You’re like a bad booty call — such a good idea in the moment, so totally regretted the next morning.

Today’s sing-along song for a Friday:
Frou Frou’s It’s Good to Be In Love

This weekend? San Diego to test drive some boats. Originally, I’d planned to only be down until Saturday night, then I realized I’d scheduled to try two boats, & only left time for one workout, so I’ll be staying at least through part of Sunday morning, ’cause hey – art degree, tryin’ to do Teh Mathz. oopsie2.

Music: It’s good to be in love – Frou Frou (Details) Details - Frou Frou

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