Too early for one, totally unprepared for the other, whirlygig vacuums, & glee proposals.

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Totally early… a little too early.
So I signed up for the Secret Santa thing here at Museum!Co, because ya know, they asked & it’s being a good sport, yadda yadda all that. Then I changed my days that I’m here in Dec., and suddenly I’m not going to be around for the holiday party thingy with the Secret Santa. I figure okay, coolio, I get a present for this Thurs & give it to Polgara so that it’ll still get to my person even without me in attendance.

There I am, feeling all proud & accomplished at being prepared for once, and Polgara mentions, “Hey, so why do you want me to hold this until next week?”
“Next week? It’s this Thursday, right?”
“No, it’s next Thurs. This Thurs is the yankee swap shindig. You got something for that, right?”
“No… dammit!”

:sigh: so now I have to go to Target again. Freakin’ holidays, man — this is why I stopped working in group structures! ;p~

On a bright note, I am so totally prepped for next week. Proud of that one indeed.

It’s funny because it’s true.
gak’d off a Museum!Co co-worker:
Maps: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo
As an aside, it’s intriguing how each service’s maps artistically reflect their corporate operators’ natures. Google’s is perfectly organized and functional, devoid of embellishment. Microsoft Bing’s is beautiful and overdesigned, with a subtle palette of lavender and teal. Yahoo’s looks like someone vomited a spaghetti dinner in Carrot Top’s hair.

Bid to win at!

Stop the mayhem, my life is just way to exciting to handle!
Zoey’s pet insurance company sent us a $25 AmEx card for the holidays. While there was a part of me that vaguely wondered if I could just ask them to take the card & credit the balance on that for the year, I figured that probably wouldn’t work, so I put it together with the $25 Amazon card that Polgara gave me for my birthday this year & finally got myself a vacuum, rather than borrowing from my neighbor Beth as I’ve been doing for the last… six years. (My building is kinda like Hotel California. Not gonna lie.)

In 3-5 days shipping time, I shall be the proud owner of this little bad boy:

It’s little and red & should do just fine for my hardwood floors & couch cleaning required by having my monster who still sheds her share, even if it’s not as much as other dogs.

I know, right? My life, she be a whirlygig o’ excitement. I talked to my mom today and she asked if there was anything I wanted for Christmas. I asked for gift cards so that I could put them together to get the following:

The first & second, god love her, mom wouldn’t know how to buy for me, and the third would no doubt give my father great pleasure to choose*, but would really suck to ship by weight.
*No seriously, you should see the toolkit I was sent when I moved into my apt nine years ago. It’s in one of the metal shock briefcases and totally looks straight out of Alias, which as you might guess did indeed delight me greatly. I haven’t had the heart to mention that one of my neighbors borrowed my drill & took it with them when they moved — I’m a bit afraid of what would arrive on my doorstep.

Speaking of which, I really need to update The List. This week, Zoom-Zoom goes in to get her back bumper fixed so she’ll be all shiny & undented again! and she’s paid off in March, which makes it all even more awesome. Yay Zoom-Zoom!

A very Glee proposal:

I’m not saying that I’d ever expect this from a guy I’m dating, however I’m totally appreciative of the sheer effort put into this. Very cute.

Music: Twilight Serenade – Jason Myles GossTwilight Serenade - Another Ghost

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