Then we watch and wait and do nothing but sigh and hope everything is gonna turn out right…

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Here goes nothin’.
Filled out the initial application online for Not!Quite!GradSchool today. The school that I’m looking at is an atelier program, which means they’re not yet accredited as a Masters’ program — for most professions, this doesn’t mean much, but for art, it’s totally a legit accreditation.

I took a class there last May, & when I first showed up the initial email I sent was basically answered with, “When would you like to start?” so I’m hoping that the application & (gods bless) acceptance process goes quickly… after which I just have to figure out how to pay my tuition – no pressure, no pressure. ;)

Today’s step was just filling in the app – on Saturday, I’ll probably go up & drop off my samples & application deposit. And we’ll see. :fingerscrossed:

In the vein, happened across this photographer, whose pictures I think are going in the files as reference points for future paintings. This one especially caught my eye:

Run, doll run!
Got home from the boathouse today, took a shower, was about to settle into work, & my phone rings – it’s MadamG, & we’ve got a Doll-mergency.

There’s a restaurant in North Hollywood that the Dolls have a contract with, and today when D showed up for her shift, they told that hey! Fifty extra cars were going to show up.

When you’re the only valet doing lunch shifts at a bistro whose parking lot has ten spots, your only gut reaction is… whuuut?? So D called in to the Dollhouse on the 911, and when MadamG looked around, I happened to be home. Not totally in my plans for the day, but I knew I was available & it’s part of the gig, so I sighed, put on my black pants & white button down shirt, asked the universe to make this outing damn profitable and headed up the 101.

Turns out that what was going on was a retirement lunch for a public attorney, so here we are, totally overloaded on space, parking sh*t on the sidewalk and the guests? They’re all cops! Thankfully, the LAPD guys were good about it, & most of them put their cop permits in the window, which basically gave us license to park… wherever. We ended up parking across Vineyard, which meant a quarter mile sprint wearing a white button down shirt & black pants in 90 degree weather in the Valley between noon & 3, when the sun is strongest.
Add in the fact that dashing across Vineland makes any dropoff or retrieval an impromptu game of Frogger, and everything becomes awesome in the way where it’s completely & totally not.

But, come 3pm when everyone had cleared out, D & I totaled up the cash & lo & behold, not only did we make enough to pay our hourlies in cash, but we also cleared some decent tips. After I stopped to acquire some food for myself, I still put another bit in the account for tuition. Almost up to the first month in the bank, so yeah…workin’ on it. First year’s tuition – almost $1k down, $11k to go, and if I get accepted the start date is July 5th. But hey – no pressure, no pressure.

So close to freedom I can almost smell fresh air.
So my client over at Ins!Co. contacted me at the end of last week & wants me to come into the office one day a week to just… talk. To discuss options, maybe do some on-site work, etc. They don’t need a full time designer (which is good ’cause I don’t want to be one for anyone right now) but we’re kind of at the point where things would move faster for both their “official” work & the side project that they have me helping with. Between the two, it should hopefully be a steady 5-10 hours a week, which would help a lot in terms of creating an economic net for me. Right now, my goal is that if I could get about 20 hours a week of work at the rate that I want to be paid, I’ll be fully off unemployment and the project work which pays more in sporadic lump sums. That way, I can live off the steady stuff, & put the project work to building savings & paying tuition.

After the Doll-mergency, I did a call with my one entertainment-related client, NPO!Client. We’d discussed them possibly bringing me on retainer as sort of a web project manager basis — I’d still work from home, but have a contracted 10 hours a week for them that I’d be paid a fixed amount for. Not being a fool, I did the math on the proposal so that it would be about 3/4 of what I need to be completely off the dole – while it would have been the easy out to go for the whole amount, I also am aware of the stupidity of risking the gods’ wrath, so I bid slightly under to keep myself from becoming too dependent upon any one client.

When I didn’t hear anything on it, I kind of let the idea go & moved on, looking for other business. But then I heard from NPO!Client! on Friday that she wanted to do a phone call, & we managed to sync schedules today.

The end result? They like me, but since they haven’t put anyone on retainer before, NPO!Client!‘s bosses want me to work on an hourly/project basis for about 6 weeks at an hourly slightly below what I bid, and then if things work, they’ll put me on contract. If that happens, I’ll be free & clear from EDD, which would be… lovely. Like, honestly nice. And between the two, I’d have enough to live on and be able to put everything else towards my tuition and savings. I keep funneling the cash tips from valeting towards those two things, and I’m slowly building back up — in terms of savings, I’m almost back up to the $1k base that I like to keep & had before I got laid off, which will have been a year ago on the 20th. Once I hit that, I get to continue working on my tuition and trying to put three months’ worth of bills in the bank before I start in on savings again.

And it feels like it’s so much, but I need to just keep reminding myself to move through things one step at a time, and I’ll get there. I’m starting to get there, I’m starting to pull myself out of the hole. I just need to remember not to fuck things up.

Guthy Renker Corporation

Funny ’cause they’re true
Someone went through all the Simpsons chalkboards over the years & picked out 29 of the best. To see the rest, check this out. Personally, anybody that has heard me before 9am or when I’m just generally in a mood will understand why I’m favoring this one:

Music: Everything’ll Be Alright – Joshua RadinJoshua Radin - We Were Here - Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby)

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