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at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

KC’s working on a thing. It’s a big thing. Like a money amounts that I can’t even concieve of thing. In the multiple tens of millions of dollars kind of realm. And to help prep her pitch for it, I’ve pretty much spent Monday through Wednesday at her place. Yesterday I just brought clothes & slept over – because yeah, it was like that. If it goes through, it’s three years of work for her which would then to a lesser extent also mean three years of work for me. And considering that I’m pulling in almost half a months’ rent for three days of work just to create the proposal – trust me, we ain’t talkin’ minature spuds.

The good news is that it got put in on time, and the initial feedback is good, so things look all right, but both KC & I have the same attitude – we believe it when the contracts are signed.

In the meantime, my other clients? yeah… Dropping everything for three days definitely left me doing some fast talking & quick hopping to shift things around. I’ve got this pile of little things to do, and then the very large task of trying to bring one client’s site to a soft launch on Monday (thank the gods for federal holidays!) so they can test it Tuesday, and there’s still a good amount to be done.

Really? That’s the way it is? For REALZSIES?
So, I have discovered exactly why the tips suck so hard at SpiffV!Hotel. You see, this has always kind of bothered me – we have a VIP section, & they park these Porsches, and Bentleys & Ferraris there every Fri & Sat night, but I’m still taking home jack for sh*t for tips, which made like no sense to me – at Spiffy!Hotel, the supervisors (who are on a proper full-time salary & therefore don’t pull tips) would handle those clients, but then put that money in the tip jar so to fatten the pot for their valets — this kept good valets coming back for economic reasons, thus making the supervisors’ lives easier with less employee turnover & a supply of experienced valets which made everything run smoother.

But at SpiffV!Hotel, the supervisors keep those tips for themselves. On top of their salary.

As the girl working for 8.50/hr before tips & without health benefits, I’d like to take a moment to ask, “Say motherf*cker what?
Never have I heard of such a thing. It’s like your boss pocketing your Christmas bonus — we don’t get much as it is, & they’re keeping the part that makes it half decent? Bite me.

Here’s the trick – I can’t just quit. Before I do that, I have to set up the economic equivalent of those 12 hours of work a week to make sure that I don’t eff up my finances, not to mention I’ve got another three weeks of EDD to collect, & you can’t just tell the State of California you’re going to collect more unemployment because you quit your job due to the fact that the bosses are greedy fuckwads, because if that were allowable I know way more people that would have quit their jobs by now.

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