the new face of hubris, random dog psychics, & the importance of snuggles.

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One thing you learn in LA – at least try to make sure they get your good side…
Due to a rather annoying Friday, and a Saturday catching up on the work I didn’t get done because of the two different plumbers in my apartment on the Annoying Friday, I didn’t get to go to practice at Beach!Boathouse either day. So there I was, all up and ready to go on Sunday morning — gym bag packed, rarin’ to go… I even posted a “neener!” status on facebook to all my snow-besieged rowers about how I was going rowing! On the water! In March! (’cause I forgot it was still February) and yes! Me! With the rowing!

…and then I walked out to my car, discovered that I’d left an interior light on Saturday afternoon, and had to use what little Spanish I possess to ask the guy delivering flyers to jump my car battery. The result of this being that I got to practice half an hour late and ended up doing a 2x7k of steady state on the erg instead of the sprint pieces I got to watch the rest of my team do as they went whizzing past the windows of the boathouse.

After that, I got a call from Merriam-Webster, and I stopped in on the way home so that they could update the visual on for “hubris”. Good times.

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Random dog psychic? Check.
I get approached by psychics a lot. And I don’t mean like, the flyers they hand you when you’re walking by – I mean that in the way where every so often I will be out in public and they will walk up & just start talking to me. I think the weirdest incident was at the Grove when a little old hispanic woman came up, grabbed my wrist, and informed me that she needed to read my cards like… now. This sounds odd, I realize, but it’s just something that comes with the territory of what I am – as my b-i-l informed me once, I look completely different to people with any sort of Skill, so I’ve learned to just politely listen, nod, and move on.

The other day as I was bringing Ernie back from the vet (stitches came out – yay!), we were walking up the sidewalk to my apartment & a woman passing by stopped in her tracks and started talking to Ernie. Due to the fact that I’ve spent the last 10 years as the owner of a very pretty Weimeraner who loves to be adored, I really didn’t think that much about it when she said, “Please tell me about your dog.”

I was all, “This is Ernie, he’s six, and we think he’s a cheagle.” To which she replied, “Yes, he’s new to you, isn’t he? Please excuse me, I don’t normally discuss with strangers, but sometimes animals talk to me. He’s adjusting because it’s all new, but he really does just love you very much.” and then she continued down the street on her way, at which point I looked at Ernie & informed him that was a lovely sentiment that would be even better if he’d stop periodically peeing in the bathroom, because yes, when he gets nervous or upset, Ernie figured out that we go to the bathroom to go to the bathroom.

The importance of snuggles.
Originally, my plan for after practice on Sunday had been to go up to Group Meditation at Christian & Teresa’s. I haven’t been in a while, and the last time I went they were actually out of town, so it was a guest speaker, which means I haven’t seen either of them in approximately….forever. And hey, since I’d been erging I didn’t have to worry about boat clean up, so that increased my chances of getting there on time.
…and then the fabulous Baldwin Boys rolled on in. ;)

Tatum & Morgan are… six months old now, I believe? Their mom Sarah was out on the water rowing, & their dad Aaron brought them in to visit, so I stopped to play with babies, and somehow I turned around and & it was 10:30 and I had totally missed group meditation. However, as I said to Lil’ McGill later, there is something very comforting about just sitting with a baby — especially since when I was done, I got to give him away again. ;) Which we decided means I’m pretty much cut out to be a grandparent.
I like that about Beach!Boathouse — we don’t really touch or hug in my family, and one of the things I really gained from my Bronzer experience is that I like snuggles – and at Beach!Boathouse, between the dogs and the kids, there’s a good amount of those. Whenever I row at Bear!Boathouse, everybody just looks at me like I’m gonna sprout a baby alien out of my stomach. This morning I walked out after my erg at Beach!Boathouse & got physically assaulted with lurve by both of the McGIlla Gorillas, who each informed me I was late, where had I been, they’d missed me, and had I brought any food?
(food is very important in any rower relationship, no matter what that acquaintance may be.)

Naartjie Custom Kids Inc.

Then I got home to a moping Weimeraner, who was clearly feeling sorry for herself about the fact that her new little brother was taking up all of Mom’s attention, and he’d just tried to steal her new Dingo Bone, even if Mom did do take it from him & give it back to Zoey, but he’s smaller so he can sit in Mom’s lap when she types, and :insert long dramatic sigh here: it’s all so not fair.
Since as anyone who’s seen her in action can attest, there are few things more pathetic than a dramatically self-pitying Zoey, there was clearly only one solution – I turned out all the lights, sat on the couch, called Zoey over to sit next to me, pulled the softie green suede quilt over both of us, and we napped for an hour, Zoey getting a chance to snuggle with her mommy without Ernie walking on either of us as he normally does, sniffing away as if to say, “Whaddaya guys doin’? Can I play? Why are we laying down? Is this a new game? Hey Zoey, wanna get up & play? Let’s play!”
Instead, after I sternly warned him off, Ernie figured out that this was Quiet Time, and he eventually settled in on my feet, far from the older sister who now tolerates him & will herd him into the house if I ask, but has not yet agreed to accept him as someone she’s willing to hang out with, much less share her Mommy with.

I’ve never understood people who don’t snuggle with their dogs — dogs are pack animals, man. Touch makes them feel better. It makes them feel protected and loved, which then causes them to behave better because they feel more secure instead of because they’re afraid of you. Zoey was a rescue just like Ernie, only I took her directly from her first owners instead of the pound, and she spent the first year the way Ernie is now – no more than three feet away, constantly wanting physical contact whenever possible as reassurance that everything’s okay. Just like babies, it makes them happy. Plus, for humans it’s been shown to be good for us too, and I’ll be the first to admit that there are days when coming home or waking up to a font of unconditional love in canine form is sometimes just One of the Nicer Things in the History of Ever. They wanna love ya – it’s good to let ‘em.

You don’t own this yet? We should totally fix that.
While downloading the additions to my running playlist last week, I also got Adele’s new album, 21. If you don’t have it, you should really get it. ’cause it’s kinda awesome. and I say so. and she’s not mass-produced by American Idol. and you can click here to add it to your iPod. I’m just sayin’.

Because as the guy who posted this video put it, “She’s singing on a windy rooftop with a lapel mike. And it sounds like that.”

Music: I Found A Boy – Adele21 - Adele

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  • Kate

    I’ve long known that I’m only fit to be an aunt or a gramma – never a mother. I adore children so long as I get to give them back when they get cranky or stinky.

    And man, go Ernie, knowing that the bathroom is for going to the bathroom! Now if you can just get him to use the toilet…and flush…

    • claris

      Kate, I actually like kids & wouldn’t be averse to having one or two minions of my very own to warp & send out into the world to eventually rule it with an iron fist. however, I just don’t have the “Need to Breed” gene that seems to be pandemic amongst some of the women in LA. :shrug:

      I think Zoey may have covered that with Ernie during their 1049 Orientation Seminar — Zoey has a tendency to eat grass & throw up every so often, & when she does, she actually goes to the bathroom to do so. No joke.

  • raithen

    Adele did a great interview with Jian Ghomeshi on Q last week — — there should be a podcast and a video-cast iffn you are interested.

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