stop signs, trams, & spotify: I am LOSING my friggin’ MIND.

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I’m a little tired at the moment. Not gonna lie. I finally nailed down a workable schedule for training that has me doing double days 3-4 times a week, and I’m trying to clear out all of my remaining backlog work of favors/freebies/updates/tax write-off work/old projects so that I can start to concentrate on cultivating ongoing clients and creating my own sites that will generate revenue directly for me, instead of making everyone else’s sites for them.

And in adjusting to all that, sleep has at times been a little elusive, not to mention just the brainpower of getting the semantics of everything figured out so I can go seamlessly from one thing to another & not have to actually think about details while doing so.

…which is part of why I’d like to stop & apologize to you, the ragged band of miscreants who occasionally peruse my bandwidth for (questionable) guidance & entertainment (which tends to endanger what little self-esteem I have left).

Because the last time I was here, I asked you to do me a favor & help out by hitting up the facebook like, Google plus, twitter RTs & tumbler re-blogs through the site directly instead of through my personal facebook page, as some of you are wont to do.

You know what I forgot to do before I said that?

I forgot to put up the f’ing SMS buttons which would allow you to comply with my request.

:takes a bow:

In my defense, at least I realized this all on my own, so no one here got the joy of the neener-moment.

As a bonus (because I’m a giver that way) not only did I recognize the issue on my own, I also fixed it, so if we could all be so kind as to sally forth & pretend this little operational hiccup never happened, that’d be great.

Example the first:
So it’s Saturday morning, and I’m driving down to Beach!Boathouse for practice. As most weekends this summer, France is in the car with me. I was a coach when France was in high school, & when we first started carpooling, I warned him, “Just so you know I’m probably going to treat you like my little brother. Especially since you’ve got the same name.” (Which on the morning when France & my biological younger brother FlyBoy were in the same car, was admittedly a little confusing. Not gonna lie.) France accepted that fairly well and we fell into the pseudo-sibling way of interacting to the point where Pomatto once asked if we were related. *snerk*

Anyway, so there we are cruising down towards Beach!Boathouse. Now, the road goes stoplight, stoplight, stoplight, stoplight, then stop sign, stop sign before the turn.

Well France is kind of laconic by nature, and I was thinking about how to set up the work I had to get done after practice, and I realized… we’ve been sitting at the stop sign for a good minute, minute & a half as the half-paying-attention part of my brain that’s driving waited for the non-existent stop light to turn green.

“Oh my god,” I said as I pulled away, “I was totally waiting for the light. Why didn’t you say something? You just sat there & let me!”

France shrugged. “Hey, you’re driving. I figured I’d give you another few seconds.”

Little fracker…

In my defense, the next day another rower admitted that she’d done this as well. Seems it’s a common mistake for sleep-starved athletes in the area.

Business Card Boredom? Not with!

Example the second:
so there I am, on my way out of work at Museum!Co one day. Headphones for my ipod in, I meander my way over to the platform for the tram, doing what all of the employees to – go to the tape railing at the edge of the track, disconnect the “barricade”, walk in, then reconnect it.

The platform was empty, but eh, I figured I’d just missed the last tram. There were a bunch of people walking down the hill, which was odd, but after a while when you work at a place that attracts a lot of tourists, you just shrug off odd behavior & think, “psh. tourists.”

So there I am, leaning against a pillar, spacing out, checking facebook, looking at my email, Pandora going in my ears, and somehow in my peripheral vision I see movement.

Looking up, I see k-walla waving madly at me. She starts miming an odd message, and my first thought was, “Dude, you suck at charades.”

Then I realized she was basically saying, “Choo-choo no go.”

In other words, the tram I’d been waiting for? Never gonna show up, and it would seem she’d been standing there for about oh, five minutes or so – jumping up & down, calling my name, waving her arms… whatever to try & get my attention whilst I blissfully hung out as lines of tourists passed me by to begin their walk down the hill to ground level.

Way to go me.

Example the third:
Our network was being slow on Wed, so my playlist on spotify kept freezing up. Tired of that, I moved my headphones to my iPhone & turned on my Pandora app.

Five minutes in, I was flipping through screens on my computer, & got all annoyed at my Spotify interface because I’d set it up to play King, the new release from O.A.R., but I kept hearing Trouble by Ray LaMontagne. I literally kept hitting “Play” pause “Play” pause and going, “Dude, wtf, why aren’t you playing the right song?” for about three minutes before the song in my ears changed & I realized that I was trying to alter my Pandora playlist using Spotify.

So basically right now if we were going to tweet my life, it would look like this:

#GoTeamMe #firstWorldProblems #UserFail

The solution?

Clearly, I need a keeper. Or at the very least, a boyfriend who doesn’t mind that he’ll occasionally have to stop, take me by the shoulders, turn me in the proper direction & say, “Walk in that direction, honey.” Also he’ll have to be okay with the fact that this is something which will occur when I am completely and totally stone-cold sober.

…and yet I remain single. How on earth that is, I do not know.

:looks at the sky:

Hey, Universe, can we possibly work on that? Even just a little?


:crickets chirp:

:more silence:

…as always thank you for your excellent guidance. I’ll let you get back to Reginald’s quivering member.

Music: Twin Peaks – Surfer BloodAstro Coast - Surfer Blood

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  • Jess

    I sat at a green light waiting for it to change once…

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