Social Media complications, a green tree visit, and the inevitable massive re-write

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Problems with Social Media Crossover
The problem I have with Facebook (well okay one of them – enter key now, wtf?) is that now, when I see things I like on other sites, I then want to hit the “like” button that’s not there.

For instance, this comment from Rolypolypony:
Note to self: no matter how much you like the word, saying “badger” out loud when you come across it in the book you’re reading at lunch in the crowded staff room is not a good idea. You will get funny looks.

Because hey, much like hitting a man in the face with your fist upon occasion, this was kinda hi-larious.

And yet, I could not Like! it.

Very sad. Damn you Zuckerberg & your Pavlovian user interface! :shakey fist!:

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Why hullo, Green Tree House!
on Sunday, for the first time in… what is probably almost a year, I went to group meditation at Christian & Teresa’s house. I’d been about two month back, but they were away & it was a guest leading the meditiation, so it wasn’t like, a real visit. Honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve seen them that Teresa has given birth to the daughter she was pregnant with the last time I was there & lost all the baby weight already — much to the envy of my metabolism.

Because it had been a while, I just very quietly went in, thinking I’d, ya know, fly low or whatever. I hadn’t even closed the door before I heard Teresa say, “Oh, my god, no way!” and suddenly there was hugging.

Group meditation is just… it’s really nice. Christian & Teresa have this great little home in Venice which, as you might guess from the residence of a meditation teacher, is just very calm & totally zen, even with the inclusion of a baby & all that babies bring.

Plus just the people were relaxing. While there are often new people, the majority of the Sunday morning regulars are people who’ve been meditating for a year or more, and many are personal friends of Christian & Teresa, so the whole place is just very chill.

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During the discussion portion, it’s a bit of a… loosely controlled free-form, so while Christian does lead the subject, everyone contributes as well. In the course of that, at one point Christian was talking about how the logic portion of the brain will try to plan for contingencies, etc & so forth, and thus we often spend more time planning for things that never even happen than simply living our lives with what does, and I summed it up with the comment, “It’s all just one big if-then-else”, which Christian as a former Wall Street programmer that still does technical consulting, laughed at.
Later, he was using the example of Arthur Dent’s epic for the perfect cup of tea in space as an example of focusing on a tiny thing instead of dealing with the whole of the situation that you’re in at the moment (if you know the scene of the battle in Hitchikers that he referred to, it actually is totally applicable which just makes it more awesome) and Christian was searching for a word & said, “It’s that thing, that they used on Star Trek that just… made whatever they asked for…”
And I supplied, “A replicator. It’s called a replicator.”
Christian laughed and said, “You knew what it was before I even asked, didn’t you?”
to which I had to admit, “Yes. Earl Gray. Hot. For those of you that haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a big nerd.”

From behind me, I heard one of the guys go, “I don’t know who you are, but I think I’m in love.”


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Oh, pages & pages & pages, and accepting the inevitable rewrite.
Afterwards, when I was talking with Teresa & playing with her daughter Uma, the two of us were laughing in a “Can you believe we ended up here” kind of discussion — I’d met Teresa about four years ago when we both took a writers workshop for about six months with a woman named Claire Elfman, who, incidentally, it totally the sh*t. After the workshops had ended, Teresa, myself & two of the other women in the group had met up for dinner at Jerry’s and in the course of it Teresa had mentioned that she’d started dating this guy who had started to teach meditation, to which I’d said, “Really? Because I’ve been trying a couple different kinds, and none of them have really been the right fit for me.”

Couple years later, I’m still meditating, and she’s got a husband, a baby, and a whole community of meditators.

…and yet neither of us ever managed to finish editing our books.

Which was what we finally got around to discussing, & discovered that we were both having the same problem — namely, who & what we were four years ago when we finished our original drafts is different than who we are now, & so it’s hard to continue to approach the story in the same way we did back then.

I finally just said, “Ya know, I’ve accepted that because I’m different, the way that the story is told is going to have to be different, and even though it’s going to be a lot of work, it would involve a crapload of editing, and I just need to… do that work, because I think that what I have to bring to it now would actually make it a much better book, as long as I accept that there are large portions of it which I’m going to have to let go & throw away. It’s just sucking it up & actually getting it done.”

To which we made tentative plans to start to use one another for that reason. So, once I get past Crew Classic this coming weekend, I have an item in my Google Task list to contact Teresa & set up our first time to turn in pages to one another for review. We’re actually good people to look at each other’s work — where I’m all dialogue-driven banter, she’s primarily the princess of prose & will spend a page beautifully describing the detailed history of a red bowl, so we’d actually probably push one another in each of our weaknesses.

So yes. Next Monday, I have to sit down & pull out pages of other people’s edits that I need to go through, find the most current draft of the manuscript, and say hello again to Kate & Daclyn’s world.

Hopefully this time, Anya won’t get hit by a yellow car.
Seriously dude, sorry about that — I didn’t know that I could actually make that happen.

which, if you’re one of the few that knows the storyline, brings us to today’s music:

Davy Spillane – Caoineadh Cu Chulainn

A world outside of oars & programming code? Say it ain’t so!
Thanks to Heather Parlato, I signed up for the email notices of The LA Food Swap. Because really, if there’s ever a group of people I would probably enjoy hanging out with, it’s people who are into exchanging homemade food. Indeed.

Music: Somewhere Else to Be – VAST Visual Audio Sensory Theater - VAST

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  • Megdalen

    I can’t believe about the food swap, what a completely fantastic idea. Of course if we had this now, in New Hampshire, half the people would bring elbow macaroni with ground beef and some sort of red sauce, maybe a pepper if they’re feeling spendy, and the other half would be like, “Dude, I bought a dozen Dunkin’s, does that count?”

    Kate and Daclyn! I confess I sort of hover over those sorts of books, and when I read the backs I hope no one has taken your idea.


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