so long & thanks for all the fish.

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Note to self: next lifetime, be less clever
I’m having one of those days where I spent a lot of time trying to prove to myself that something wouldn’t work, and I shouldn’t even think about doing it, because it will in no way look better & thus by proving it won’t work, I’ll save myself hours of work having to apply my brilliant idea to the other four pages of massive text-heavy content.

Sadly, I was unsuccessful, because it looks way better in the more labor-intensive way. :sigh:

On a bright note, this client pays by the hour.


Somebody grab the blue facepaint, I feel the need to yell “Freedom!”
Scored a part-time retail gig on Friday – little boutique shop in Brentwood that caters to products created by women & donates a portion of the profits to womens’ charities. And because it’s Brentwood, the hourly wage is priced to match. (Transl. for non-Californians: more than most pay) I’ve got two days a week there, and since her site is a big hot mess (the owner called me back because she liked the idea of one-stop shopping for a clerk and a designer) I’ll get an ecommerce site credit off it.

The result?

If this works, then in a bit I’ll be able to kiss the State of CA’s unemployment goodbye, which would be just… lovely. Plus, if I don’t have to keep track of things to make sure that I continue my claim, I can simply work like a little b*tch as much as I want wherever I want and work on paying off everything and banking the rest.

of course, it turns out I may need that cash to put down a first and last…


So. San Diego. That might work.
I’ve hit a point lately where I’m just… tired of Los Angeles. I feel like all that ever happens here is people fighting with one another, and I’m exhausted from it. I mentioned this to Shook the other day, asking if she knew of any assist coaching jobs down by her, and she replied, “Sure. You want mine?”

Seems she’s doing a lateral move at her Rowing!College! and the job’s open for applications. Since everyone who’s left the LA rowing circle for San Diego seems to be a hell of a lot happier than those of us still up in Hell-lay, I figure it can’t hurt to look around.


Especially since now it looks like I’ll have plenty of time to survey the area…
Since I wrote that passage above two days ago, they have since shut down the rowing team that I used to run. I can’t say as I’m surprised – we were working under the radar, & the guy in charge decided he didn’t like something someone said & narc-ed us out to his superiors, so ta-da, we’re kaput.

On the one hand, there’s the part of me that’s pissed – two years of work on my part are gone, just :snap!: like that. I feel sad for the rowers who are now homeless and the people who had wanted to join up & now have nowhere to go. It was a good thing, my team – we weren’t particularly flashy or fast, but we were there, and there were people who wanted us to continue.

On the other hand, on a purely selfish level… my life just got way the hell simpler. No more organizing things, no more having to jump hoops to keep people happy… no more decisions to make other than the ones that will effect me.

I am, at this moment, oddly… free.

Well, free, and chock-a-block full of rowing domain names that I won’t need anymore & am thinking of putting up for sale. Think UCLA will want to buy now that I don’t need it for anything? Or USC want Oh, LMU, do you want &

So yes… free, but let’s be honest – still totally me. ;)

Oh, Los Angeles, don’t worry – I’m taking the hint that you don’t like me right now.
This morning, Zoey & I were running along the path from the boathouse that runs down to Dockweiler, and out of nowhere, this boxer-type dog (sorry Closet, this was no CoCo!) came running up from behind us and bodychecks my dog!

I was like, “What the f*ck!” and the owner is about 500m away, going, “Honey, come back…”

Meanwhile the other dog who’d hit Zoey is standing there, looking at us, like I’m gonna be all, “sure, stay & play!” I looked at that little f*cker, pointed towards its owner & sternly ordered, “go home!” and it ran away.

So then I have my dog, who really won’t hurt a flea unless you utterly push her buttons, is looking at me like, “Mommy, wha’ ha’pen’d?”
(Much like her mother, Zoey will bounce around and be full of energy & noise a-plenty, there’s nothing malicious about her.  She doesn’t lose her sh*t often so when she does, it’s spectacularly effective)
I got her back to the boathouse, & we later found that the other dog had managed to slice open the fold of her ear riiiiight on the edge of it – basically, a place where there was no way to put a bandage on it, we just had to keep putting cold paper towels on it until it stopped bleeding. Poor Zoey dog.

I pointed out to Lesley later that it was kind of a metaphor for my life – there we were, running along, perfectly happy entertaining ourselves, and some @sshole decides that since they’re bored or angry or just feel like it, they’re gonna come start sh*t, so I get blindsided from behind & am still lookin’ around going, “Huh?” and wondering why my ear is bleeding ’cause the coward’s already run back to the hole they came from.

Seriously, Universe? you had to hurt the dog to teach me that? So mean, man. So mean.

Zoey had a hard day

Zoey had a hard day


Result of all this = cross between an elephant & a rhino.
Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing.

In anticipation of saving money to either
a) move
b) go to Not!Grad!School, or
c) just save money

I’m also looking at moving out of my apt & moving in with a roommate. This is a particularly interesting proposition since I have a dog & we have lived alone for almost 9 years now.

I’m hesitant because I don’t know where I’m going to be by Sept, but on the other hand, there’s this part of me that just wants to … ditch stuff. Clean out my life, get rid of everything I don’t really need.

I remember back in the day when DarkLady was moving from LA to OH, she’d just left her apt., sold her car, & had two days left at Polgara’s apt. before she got on a plane. She posted in her LJ something about how she could take the suitcase she had and just… leave. And no one would ever know where she’d gone.

I’m not quite there yet, but I will admit to feeling oddly unencumbered.


Of course, the reality is that I have what could kindly be referred to as a sh*t-ton of little piddly jobs to do, a couple of invoices to collect on, and a client whose website is about to get yanked for non-payment, so I sadly do not get to just chuck it all & move on.

…but I am thinking about selling my couches. You can’t avoid work by spending time on something that’s not there, right? Totally.

Music: Throw It All Away -Brandi Carlile Brandi Carlile - Brandi Carlile - Throw It All Away

Guthy Renker Corporation

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  • Megdalen

    I love San Diego!! It is beautiful. Okay, parts of it are a dive, but it’s a city, so there you go. I especially like that I encountered my first open-air mall and walked around like a COMPLETE idiot, thinking, “what do they do when it snows?!?!” and then trying to unthink it while simultaneously being glad I didn’t say it out loud. A change of pace is nice and I can see where LA can be icky after awhile, but you do have some good relational connections there. And good Valet stories, though since you got twitter they have not been as long. BUt I am not complaining since you started a new blog and all.

    I do, however, advise AGAINST the roommate. OMG. Do not ever get one, unless it is a spouse. Spouses (spice??) are great but once you have gone un-roommate, never go back. Ne-Ver.

    BTW I had a new baby! Evangeline Rachel, June 3rd, 8 lbs. 14 oz. Wicked cute.


    • claris

      Meg, why is it that the new BABY is the afterthought in that comment? What does that say about our priorities? *g*

      Ugh, I’m trying to convince myself that it might be plausible. and I would far rather go there because I have my own specimen of them “spice”, but sadly it wold seem that I still suck in that arena. (One day I should put the story from the Dirty Dancing bar up here just so that when people ask why I’m single, I can go, “Because I’m dumb at that. Read here.”)

      and if it makes you feel better, I shall post the picture from the party I did two or three weeks ago when the hill was literally VERTICAL, and all I could think was, “Oh my god, they’re so lucky it doesn’t snow here.” Nine years away (ZOMG, nine years!) and I still think of terrain in terms of whether or not it can be plowed.*

      *for you Cali people, that’s an actual snow plow, not a euphemism for anything. Pervs.

  • Kate

    Oh, poor Zoey-dog! Seriously, the universe did not have to beat up on HER.

    But congrats on the PT gig, and good luck with the money-saving and the possible move and everything else. San Diego sounds like a good option, with rowing there and not in LA now…a girl’s gotta have her boat.

    • claris

      oddly enough, the primary friend I’d have in SD is also named Kate, so until I checked your origin url, I was going to post, “Dude, you’re not exactly impartial here.” *snerk*

      and I can still row in LA – there’s a 1x I can use, and I’ve already gotten invites from LB & SD to row for their clubs at regattas, etc. The question for me is really coaching vs. school – the head of our boathouse blackballed me from coaching since last fall (yah, he’s a charmer), which is why I didn’t coach this year. So if I stay here & do the atelier program that I want, I basically have to give up coaching for three years. But if I leave and go somewhere else, I have to give up the art program which is the perfect curriculum of what I want to do in terms of learning.

      Thus is my conundrum.

      Also I need to write a rowing cover letter to list for the job in SD… :sigh:

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