Sleepy Zoey vs. Getting Out of Bed: a dog tail.

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Once upon a time, there was a morning.

A morning when Zoey did not want to get up.

Unfortunately for Zoey, her mommy uses the iPhone as our alarm clock, and thus started taking pictures of the process.

The following is that story.

k-walla: Wait, is your dog sleeping with its head on the pillow? Like, like a person?
Claris: Yup.
k-walla: did you teach her to do that?
Claris: :sigh: no, she figured that out all on her own.

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…eventually, (grudgingly, excruciatingly) we did get the beast out of bed.

Luckily for Zoey, my apartment offers other sources of consolation for the fact that I continue to heartlessly abandon her each morning.

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  • Ninja Bitch, CEO

    I <3 Zoey!

    • Claris

      and trust me, Zoey loves being loved. ;)

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