shady sushi, apartment scams, & Zoey vs. The Cone of Shame

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Doubly troubling.
Okay, I was reading an article on the fishing in Japan, what with the radioactive water that’s gushing into our environment, & saw this text:

The contaminated water raised concerns about the safety of seafood in the country that gave the world sushi, prompting the government to set limits for the first time on the amount of radiation permitted in fish.

… wait. You didn’t already have that?

Hrm. Suddenly questioning the half price sushi restaurant down the street.

Yeah, I’m gonna flag you for that one.
The thing about looking for an apartment on Craigslist is that you get the person running the scam of a FANTASTIC deal – but they’ve had to leave the country on missionary work, & thus can you wire them the deposit (and often, a bunch of your personal info so they can steal your identity) and they’ll mail you the key? Thank you & god bless.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so… predictable, because really? they change the details, but the scam is always the same.

My solution?

Hi there –
You’re a big scam, & I flagged your post for removal. Go bother a different real estate area or get a real job & stop trying to steal.
Have a nice day!
~ Claris

I think it’s important to be cheerful, don’t you?

Ed Hardy

If you haven’t changed your facebook yet, you should do this…pretty much now.
rt from Candlemark & Gleam: – The Facebook setting to stop people from hacking your account.


Sorry about the lack of updates, I’ve been occupied playing Zoey vs. The Cone of Shame.
So… hi. I know, right? it’s totally been a while. My house has been… a bit busy because, well, turns out Zoey had cancer. Yes really. But it’s okay, she’s all right now, we took it out, & I’ll write about it later so you can all share in the resultant drug-induced chaos of the first few days afterwards, but for now let’s just say that life progresses, and by the 3rd day of her recovery Zoey was back to her old tricks, which is how I woke up to this sight one morning which I like to call, “Look Ma, no hands!”

Look what I did!

How did she get the e-Collar off while still half in a painkiller haze? I don’t know. But considering that this is the same dog that broke a Gentle Leader (while wearing it!), horrified DarkLady by peeing on command, & has been known to pull out my gladware from the cabinets & use it to play air hockey on my kitchen’s tile floor, I think I’m actually pretty good not knowing how she managed to not only remove the damn thing, but also place it at my feet while I was sleeping.
Lord help you all if I ever manage to have kids half as smart as my dog, that’s all I have to say about that.

Unfortunately for Zoey, I have two weapons her arsenal does not – opposable thumbs & scotch tape. :insert evyl laughter here:


Oh, and you should watch this.
Also, just because Nikki Mag’s gchat away msg sucked me in, I’m sharing the crack.

Behold – a new PuppyCam.

Online video chat by Ustream

Fall before the cuteness, damn you all!

Music: Yellow – Coldplay (Live 2003) Live 2003 - Coldplay

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  • Kate @ Candlemark

    I would’ve gone with duct tape, myself, because DAMN, that dog is good!

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