Saturday: Incoming tsunami & waiting for the final five.

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text from MadamG:
MG: How’s the party going?
TC: pretty dead. Or, as Claris pointed out, we’re just sittin’ by the ocean, waitin’ for a tsunami.

When I got the callsheet for this gig, I was pretty happy – it’s in the afternoon, it’s only 15 cars… baby shower. Totally cake. Added bonus – it’s actually in the Marina, literally on the other side of the channel from the boathouse. In fact, every time I drive out to park a car, I can see the sailing classes launching off our dock.

Then Chile had to do & have an earthquake. Which, really, what the hell Chile, so inconsiderate of your tectonic plates. So here I am, on a stormy day, while parts of southern California are on advisory for rough seas and possible small tsunami (nothing like Hawaii, but still!) and where am I? Right next to the frickin’ beach!

Any other day, I’d have been sent up to some backwoods in the Hollywood Hills or the Palisades where the roads are only half-paved, but nope. today, I’m at the marina, about 500 m from the ocean. Much like the periodic precipitation we’re getting today, irony doesn’t just reign in my world, it pours.

The final five
When you do a Doll gig, you know that a key element to getting out on time is to prep the staging area (street, parking lot, driveway, wherever you’re using) for the last five cars. This way, when almost everyone is gone except the inevitable stragglers and immediate family, you can pull those last five up as close as possible to the event, go hand the keys to the host (or the guests, depending on how sober everyone is)
This way, we Dolls get to mosey home, & those guests in the last five cars can totally stay to eat, drink, & shoot the sh*t about days of yore. (Unless it’s a party in the porn industry, in which case the third activity in that list can be…well, I’m just gonna let you make something up.)

We accomplish this through a myriad of techniques – signs, street cones, and of course, parking our own cars near the event really badly when we first arrive. If you pull up to a house with valet & there are no spots nearby because everyone for half a block around has somehow managed to take up a space and a half where normally there’s plenty of room… yeah, we probably did that on purpose. Just sayin’.

Today’s gig is in a little cul-de-sac in the marina, with two shortie side streets that really are more like larger than normal driveways than actual streets of any sort. Perfect spaces to use for the end of the party, as long as we can keep them clear of the cars belonging to… people that actually live in the neighborhood. (Hey, you live here all the time. We just need it for a day.)

Now, a lot of valets & shuttles understand this, & will be proactive about getting themselves in gear & making this happen without any prompting from the TC. Others… not so much. Today, after the initial guest arrival of our whopping 15 cars, our TC asked the shuttle to park in the middle of two spots on the nearby curb & he just… didn’t get it. at all. Which may have prompted the following:

TC :name deleted: take that spot. No, that one. The one that no one’s in… right there…”
:TC walks over to physically show the shuttle the spot to place their car:

:mumbling from Dolls watching this display:
“Yes that spot.”
“Yes that one right there.”
“Yes. The chasm of unparked concrete…. that’d be the one.”

Really, it just illustrated to me that no matter what job you’re doing, as soon as multiple people are involved in a situation, there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t get what’s going on, and eventually, inevitably, someone else will mumble, “Jesus dude – it’s not like this is rocket science.” And everyone else will chuckle.

Except (and yes, this has happened) the day will come when you’re talking to a friend who says that about his own office, and you pause to point out, “Um, dude? You work at JPL.

And then you just get a wee bit scared for the future.
Which reminds me – I totally owe RocketScienceGuy a phone call.

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