Running, retail & why spellcheck is your friend.

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you said that love was gone, And that I had to leave… what goes up, must come down….

I love when I get directions like this:
Change colors of page/borders – darker/flashier
Instead of blues/reds – Client wants bolder/more exciting/flashier (“think of dreamworkers, sony websites etc.) Client says that we need to consider that people from movie studios and other related persons will visit his site.
Recommends golds, yellows, dark reds, burgundy

Now, a cursory view of those two studios would tells me two things:
1. the client hasn’t actually looked at those sites before giving that critique.
2. the client doesn’t know their colors for proper descriptives.



Running, running, running…
oy with the running! much as I love my Dolldom, the work’s been petering off as of late, so I took another Doll’s invite to hook up with a second valet co that she also works for. Got the gig no problemo, and boy howdy do they have work. I’ve worked more in the last two weeks than I did in a month with the Dolls, and I literally had to pick days to take off so I could do design work. It’s not going to be anything I can live on any time soon, but the hours are a comfort, and give me at least SOMETHING that I can depend on getting on a regular basis – problem with design work is that while it pays more than valeting, you have no REAL guarantee of when the clients will pay, so between this & the web/retail gig at Women!Co, I should (theoretically) have the money to be fully off EDD soon. Not going to be rolling in it, but yah – at least enough to have a base to bounce project work off of.

Which reminds me – I need to make a page for The Great Master List – aka, everything that I need to accomplish, pay for, get caught up on, & get fixed. I fear this list may never actually be completed & instead will become an running commentary o’ challenges, but hey – what’s life without tribulations, hrm?

So I guess that “fix my site & occasionally man the front” translates into “You’ll be running the place”?
Retail gig, right? Right. Totally. The theory is that I’m going to work on her site… except that I opened the store & she never came in today. I mean, at this point I’m waiting for her domain co to switch the nameservers before I can really do anything, but we went from “I’ll be in soon” (9:30) to “I’m still at home, but on my way” (12:15) to … now, when it’s 2:30 & there’s no sign of her. I assume at this point that I’m also going to be closing when I leave at 5:30. :shrug: I mean, I don’t care – I’m pretty much completely unsupervised, and I’m not against that. Just observing the whatever of it. She has a girl that works Sundays for her from 11-4 that she says has been flaky since the girl’s getting married, so I told her that if she can give me two days’ notice to rearrange my valet shifts I’d cover those days when the girl can’t be there. I figure five hours a week getting paid almost double the hourly that I’d be making as a valet & doing it as a w-9? Psh. ohkay sure.

Is it wrong that I’ve gone from being the person that’s the hardest working person anyone knows to the one who, after the last year & a half of working & dealing with my boathouse is now just like, “Sure. Whatthef*ckever, as long as I can cash a check.”

When they stand up and talk to the parents at the beginning of each year for the Juniors, they talk about how rowing will increase work ethic, and build character, make them into better people, etc. I have to say I find it amusing that my experience has taught me to be way more hands off, and distance myself from how much I care about what happens to others… and my level of giving a damn is definitely diminished, that’s for sure. (of course, I won’t be putting that on any applications any time soon)


In other news, when making an ad reviewing a book, one should also review their spelling, lest their words robbed of being… “complelling”:



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Why my friends are awesome:
katiegeeks sometimes a fan club membership and some persistence is worth it. SIXTH ROW SEATS FOR GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Claris: @katiegeeks: I’m straight, & your Green Day triumph is making me think you so damn hot right now. just so you know. ;)
katiegeeks: @heroineaddct sexual orientation is irrelevant in the face of ticketmaster triumph. :D

Music: Karma – Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keys - Karma

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