procrastination, Ernie vs. Nature, & no poo in the zoo.

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Well that was a big load of…nothing.
You ever have that things, that you know you should do, but you keep putting it off, & then you dread it more because you’ve been putting it off, & when you finally sit down to do it, you discover it’s actually totally easy & only takes 5 minutes?

It’s possible I did that this morning with a client’s CMS system, & now I feel a bit foolish. oopsie. Turns out the page build will actually be phenomenally simple.

Getting engineers to nail down a content architecture on the other hand… well, that part may take a while. And the fact that I cannot as yet word things diplomatically is another reason to write this instead.


Ernie vs. Nature: a discovery tale.
On Saturday morning, my team went out to the McG’s place for breakfast, & at the enthusiasm of the two kids that row with our group, I brought both of my monsters along for the ride.

The McGs live a good ways away from the boathouse — it’s an easy 45 min from Long Beach, as HelloKittyRowerFriend & I discovered when we carpooled out.
(trans: I drove, and Ernie let HelloKittyRowerFriend share the front seat with him as an excuse to snuggle with her because he’s a cuddle whore like that.)

We get there, & they’ve got a good 3/4, maybe a full acre, which in Southern California is a good piece of land. (I know, New England people are snickering at such a statement, but it’s not like that here.) Their place includes a good amount of open space which has grass & trees & its own flowers/bushes, a lap pool, a chicken coop & a small goat shed. (yes, really)

Zoey, having started out with me in New Hampshire, got out of the car, took a look around, & was like, “Bye mom, see ya later!” She set off to explore with the McGs’ dog, happy as anything.

Ernie, on the other hand, followed me in the house & spent a good amount of time hanging out with the peoples before he ventured outdoors, a very hesitant experiment on his part. In fact, it wasn’t until we had a potty break & I was walking the resultant bag o’ poo out to the yard waste containers at the end of the driveway that Ernie started to actually explore and be like, “This is… this is actually kinda okay. i could get used to this…” and I couldn’t get him out of the brush, because he seemed to be on a sudden mission to roll in the dirt as much as possible.

It was at this point that I realized something – I got Ernie from the South LA shelter. Most likely, this was his first time in nature. Like, actual nature that wasn’t regulated by the City of Los Angeles. Once he got used to it, he was actually all about it, & the result looked like this:



I know, right? That’s totally how he sucked me in too.

No poo in the zoo!
But since we’re on the subject of the wee monster, I wanted to share the other learning experience for the past week – not going poo in the house.

I don’t know who the hell had him last, but I don’t think they bothered with potty training, which is ridiculous because hello – he’s six years old! (supposedly) But yes — I would come home & find… presents. I started picking up the food bowls when I wasn’t home in the hopes that set feeding times would help to instill set potty times, which cut down on not only on the incidences of Ernie-poo but also on Zoey’s weight — after a decade as a dog that eats when she pleases, set meal times have caused her to to lose four pounds.

But yes – still the problem persisted, & Ernie became incredibly adept at sitting in the corner. First he would go potty in the bathroom on the rug, which while oddly applicable, means that my bathmat has been washed a lot in the last few months. Then, he figured out not to pee in the house, but he would go into the very back corner of my office & poo, which created the ritual of me getting home, walking to my office & either we’d be all, “Yay, Good Boy Ernie!” or I’d just walk back out and look at him & say, “Seriously, Ernie? Really?” and he’d slink off to sit in the corner.

Finally, finally one day last week, we were outside again, trying to get him to poo outside again, & for some reason that I cannot explain, I picked him up & put him in the front yard of our apartment building, which prompted him to leave a package in the grass.
my theory is that after his mad dash into the Big Wild World the week after I got him, Ernie’s more than a little wary of what’s outside the black wrought iron gates of our building & may have shat himself out of fear.

In the grand tradition of positive reinforcement, I was all, “Yay Ernie! Good boy Ernie went poo outside! Yay Ernie!” and I swear to god, I literally watched the 10watt bulb flicker to life in his little doggie brain, & he was like, “Wait, that’s what I’m supposed to do? that’s it? Really? Oh,, okay — I can do that…”

and now he does, thank the gods.

Now if I could just get him to stop trying to attack the guy from the gas company…

Music: Sleepyhead – Passion Pit Chunk of Change - EP - Passion Pit

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  • Kate

    God, I do that all the time with putting things off and then panicking more because I put them off and they all snowball in my head and then…they’re totally easy when I do them. D’oh. Glad yours was simple when it came down to it!

    And YAY ERNIE! It’s so exciting when the critters learn where to go potty. Cody’s started figuring it out, and I am SO relieved to not be pooped on all the time.

  • Megdalen

    You are so brave. I am such a potty training slacker. And I use CLOTH dispers, for the love.

    • Megdalen

      I meant diApers. What’s a disper? Is it a short diaspora?

  • Adri

    Yay Ernie! Your post makes me haz guilts because I am putting something off that should be done but seems like a pita to do.

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