passing the wil wheaton test & puppies building forts

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So. That happened.
Wow. Not gonna lie, last week was kinda rough. Lil’ heavier than any of us were probably expecting. That in mind, I figured we’d take a moment & hit up some shiznit that’s making my world better.

it’s okay, we can all be kinda crazy in the head together.

While my confession of small mental breakdown wasn’t intended to be so, it would seem that several of you found great solidarity & comfort in knowing it’s not just you.

Guess what, people? It’s not just you.

:insert chorus of small children crying out with delight:

…plus it would seem we could all use some freakin’ cake.


Claris: ooh – momentary freedom?
k-walla oh yea, i am leaving at 5:15 then – I”M OUT BITCHES!!!!!!!!!
i really know how to push the envelope
Claris: :snerk: me too – tomorrow, I don’t come in here to work, so I’m going to be at home working!
k-walla woo woo – we crazay
i very much liked your blog post today, always good to know other people spiral out of control with the weird and downer head thoughts as well!
omg, it’s like freakin’ rampant lately
we’re all taking turns, just not on purpose.
k-walla there was that great cartoon on hyperbole and a half too
Claris: omg, I love her.
but yah, it’s especially hard for single girls I think because if there’s a guy at home he’s like, “Okay, you know you’re being crazy, right? Do you want to have sex? Would that help?”
and then you might be crazy, but at least you’re crazy & getting laid.
k-walla haha, totally and that would help!
Claris: I know, right? Instead I’m sitting here emailing eHarmony to see why they rejected my affiliate program application for Project!Site — so that at least if people other than me are gonna get some, I’ll get paid for helping them get there, dammit.

–> For the record, eHarmony’s reply was that they only look to place with affiliates who will be able to offer meaningful content for dating & relationships, & how would my site fit into that?

Taking my life into consideration, I sat down to write a reply explaining what kind of meaningful content I could bring to the subject of finding compatibility with others and…

…yeah. I’ll get back to that one later.

Seriously, people – I just want to put up a damn banner sometimes & probably poke fun of your company during early February – why does that have to be so freakin’ hard??

Tru fax, peoples

When I went to put an ad up there, I originally thought I’d put up something for like, or just to be a smartass to eHarmony. However, when I clicked on the “Dating” category on LinkShare, I found — and I swear to $deity this is true — that under Dating is

You have to appreciate the sheer awesome of whoever it was in their office that decided to be totes McGotes real about the way life is… or possibly they were going through a breakup when assigned the task of setting up their company’s affiliate network. Either way, I’m in favor.

Normally I don’t go for this sort of blatant, slightly schmaltzy advertising on a blog, but in this case I’m going to go ahead & make a one-time exception to let you know that from now until the end of the year, you get 10% Off at With Code MYCHOC10.

Because let’s be honest – in this day & age, a company that employs someone willing to run with that brand of truthiness deserves to stay in business.

Speaking of advertising – I passed the Wil Wheaton test, y’all. :fist of triumph:

I’ve been looking at ad rates on other blogs lately for an ActualFaxRealLife project of mine, & I decided to see how much it might cost to help support the Bloggess’ Wine-Shushee Habit.

However, such an inquiry is not without risk — as Bloggess readers know, should you strike the wrong note, emailing on such a subject can earn you Wil Wheaton collating paper. For a moment, I totally considered trying to sound professional, but we all know that would be a short-lived effort, so instead I sent an email regarding the use of the word “Dickensian” and the fact that I’d put on my Big Girl Pants for the occasion.

What’d I get back?

This? Is an awesome email. I’m giving you the slow clap. But softly because my daughter is sleeping.
~ @TheBloggess

This email may have caused me to swing by Polgara’s desk yesterday & say, “So… I got a slow clap from the Bloggess.”
Polgara: What? How?
Claris: I emailed her about ad rates. I’m just really proud I didn’t get Wil Wheaton.
Polgara: She only does that to people that email her stupid stuff. What did you say?
Claris: Well I wrote her like… ya know, the way I normally talk.
Polgara: oh.
Claris: Yeah, so I’m not gonna lie — slow clap? Kinda proud of that.

…and then Polgara had a huge coughing fit. This was more due to her salad dressing than our conversation, but as SarahNicole will tell people, “Claris is a choking hazard. I can’t sit near her at meal times.”

It’s animals, people. TALKING IN CAPS. How do you not know about this already??

Much in the same spirit as the guy who Facebook msg’d me after my post regarding the word faggot to say that he would now be looking for an opportunity to shout at someone that they are, indeed, a bundle of sticks, I kind of want to call someone a “pert judgmental eating disorder billboard”. I think this could probably be contextually achieved if I walk down Sunset Blvd on a Friday night, most likely somewhere between the Viper Room & the Hustler Store. Oh yes, it can be done.

–> for the young’ins in the audience, I shall put this in a context you can understand.

They don’t talk in caps, so it’s a good thing they’re cute.

Sachiel arrives on Friday to begin what we’re calling #OccupyCouch for a bit. As part of #OccupyCouch, we’re going to have to re-stuff the back cushions of said couches due to the fact that as of late, the canine children have taken to burrowing into their favorite place in the whole wide apartment to make sleeping forts.

Case in point:

…right? I KNOW.

You argue with that.

Go on. Try.

Music: I Can Get Drunk & I Can Sing Songs – Two Man Gentleman Band (Live in NYC)Live in New York - The Two Man Gentlemen Band

Candy Cane Christmas Holiday Tea

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  • Candlemark & Gleam

    I cannot argue with the couchfort, or that face.

    • Anonymous

      I know, right? It’s ridiculous. And since Jane moved in, the cute has only gotten worse now that they have a new playmate.

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