owning a boat, patronized by fashion, & cutting teenagers off from making decisions.

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Really, fashion industry? Really?
So I need to get a few new things, and one of them is a white tank top to go under a white longsleeve that I have that’s great, but kinda see-through. For me & my oddly shaped body of monkey limbs & a really long torso with short hips, the new style of “extended” & “tunic” length shirts basically just means that now… things are long enough so that I don’t look like I shrank everything the dryer by accident. As it is, the majority of my clothes are hung up the dry so I can avoid vertical shrinkage — when I do laundry, my place looks like a Chinese laundry in 1920′s Brooklyn with everything on hangers all around the place.
However, thanks to this year’s trends, I have learned that my entire body is “tunic” length. If only I’d known that years ago.

Anyway, so I found what I was looking for, only to be mildly annoyed at the caption below. Go on, click away:

“Model’s height is 5’9″ & she wears a small”
Really? REALLY?

Little secret — unless the girl is a model or a ballerina, most of us that are 5’9″ & above will NOT be a small, so possibly that’s not the best example to give.
God, that’s almost as bad as when they rolled out vanity sizing – when someone explained it, I was totally annoyed because I felt like the fashion industry was patronizing me. Bastards.

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Body Wash

Ugh, I hate bad user interfaces.
One of the National rowers did a post on her blog re: how much she eats. (For those of you just tuning in, Michael Phelps ain’t got nothin’ on an Olympic rower. Hell, I’m a non-Olympic rower, & I can tell you, we talk about food. Alot.)

I went to post a comment, & it appeared to not go through. so I hit it again, thinking work servers were being slow. Then my email starts popping up, “your new USOC password” — it seems that by posting, I created a username & password for myself on the site.

What? Since when? No visible notification, nothin’. It’s most likely somewhere in the “terms & conditions” box that, let’s face it, none of us ever actually read before we check off.
Not only that, but it posted my comment twice, and doesn’t allow for deletion, which is so a pet peeve of mine. Really? I have a username & pswd, but I can’t do anything about that? What’s the point of the username & pswd then?

oh, ineffective user interfaces, thou art the bane of mine professional existence. stoopid, stoopid things.

I own a boat!
…or at least I will soon. Found a boat, have figured out the money part, just need to get everything together & make the money/boat switch & then get it down to LB!Boathouse, since I don’t have a roof rack. (That will be the NEXT purchase. Possibly should have gone the other way around, but eh, whatcha gonna do.)

It’s the same as the one I was originally looking at, a Filippi f-15 model, which looks like this one:

No, that's not me rowing...

The pic above is the slightly larger twin of the boat that I row during the week up at Bear!Boathouse. The one I’m buying however, is the same model, but weight-class’ed (is that a word?) for me. The one in the picture is for openweight men, & we’ve discovered that in terms of my body proportions, I have the rowing settings of your average lightweight man.
(see above re: tunic length)

It needs a little work, which is pretty much par for the course for me — I’m used to restoration. Since I wasn’t their first owners, I guess you could say that technically I even bought my dogs used.

There’s some scraping on the bottom of the hull, but SeniorMcG said he can help me wet-sand the bottom & repaint it Filippi white so it’ll look just fine, & we’ll check the inside to make sure the honeycomb structure is intact & stuff it if need be. Eventually, I’ll have to get it repainted, which will probably happen over the winter, & I know exactly what I’m getting – the same paint job as the Longhorn boats. It’s this great glittery burnt orange that’s just totally awesome. I saw it when I went out for Head of the Charles & my old coach G was teasing me that I was more interested in the cowboys than the boats they were in.
I will admit, I did like that the coxswains wear cowboys hats to race. Not gonna lie.

I also have to buy new shoes that fit, move the harness for the speedcoach & get a new wiring set.
I know, right? Rowing websites make my Baby Jesus want to cry. Eventually, you just kinda sigh & get used to it.

Of course, I really shouldn’t worry about buying anything, since I’ll be attending the post-rapture looting this weekend & can just get it all for free. I just love how many people I know from completely difference circles of acquaintance who have never even met each other are already signed up. Clearly, I attract miscreants no matter where I am.

Mozy Remote Backup.  Free.Automatic.Secure.

Congratulations, you are now officially cut off from making decisions.
On Monday, I was visiting another boathouse, & in talking with a bunch of junior rowers, discovered there’d been a high occurrence of intoxication amongst them that weekend, to the point where I was sorely tempted to invoke the Boozie Suzy talk that Salter & I had with some novice girls one year. (When Salter & I rowed together, there was a girl named Suzy, and she was… well yah. You get it. In fact, Jessica‘s reading this & laughing right now, ’cause she knows it’s troooooo!)

As it was, the coach in me couldn’t help saying, “Seriously ladies? You call yourselves athletes, & this is what you’re doing? Really?” and the attempt to defend the behavior ended with me going, “No, seriously people – all joking aside, not okay.”

In the course of the conversation with the girls at this particular boathouse on Monday, one of the rowers N, confessed that she’d not only gotten plastered that Saturday, but she’d also made out with her friend’s boyfriend, which caused every girl there (including me) to turn around & basically go, “Dude! Not okay!”

When their coach returned, & they were making lineups, N asked, “Can I bow today?” and while the actual coach’s answer was that no, she’d be stroking, I told her, “Look, dude, you can’t bow. Bowing involves making decisions, and you have shown that you in particular are making some very bad decisions as of late, so no no, my friend – no bowing for you!”

Kids, man – half the time it makes you fear for the future of humanity, & the other half is an odd kind of comedy gold. :facepalm:

Music: What’s My Age Again? Blink-182: Greatest Hits - Blink-182


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  • http://www.candlemarkandgleam.com Kate



    Also, I too have discovered that I am Tunic Length. I hate shirts that don’t at least make it to my hips, and with both long legs and a long-ish torso and broad shoulders, that has NOT been easy to find until this whole tunic trend started. Now I can actually find shirts long enough! HALLELUJAH.

    I’m so looting some more on Sunday. ;-)

  • Jess

    Congrats on your boat – you should really get it sparkle silver. So much better than silly Texas orange. :-)
    Clothing fits me just the opposite as you – short torso, long pelvis and long legs.

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