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This past weekend was spent migrating a whack of pages for a small community college back east, so while I don’t have a whole proper post for y’all, I do have the ability to find detailed information on how to become qualified to be a professional embalmer in the state of Virginia. My life, she be a whirlygig.

Not to worry, I’ve got two fun stories in the works – one about adventures in IT help desk interaction, and another about the fact that in high school it was actually proven that I’m a crappy Nazi.

In the meantime, here’s some stuff that caught my eye:

» Gluten-Free Pop Tarts recipe

Dude. For. The. Win. I don’t even need to actually make this recipe, I’m just happy to know the option exists.
I used to love Pop Tarts growing up. Hands down, one of my Top 10 Factory-produced Comfort Foods That You Know Probably Doesn’t Have One Natural Ingredient in it But You Just Don’t Care.
for the record, Hot Pockets? also in this Top Ten. And Pizza Bites… oh god, sometimes I really could go for some Pizza Bites…

Our dog Heidi loved Pop-Tarts too — what cheese is for Zoey, Pop Tarts were for Heidi, and she was far more of a brazen diva about life, a trait she displayed one day when I was on the couch, watching tv, eating one Pop-Tart, second on my stomach, and Heidi walked by, reached out, delicately took the second Pop-Tart in her teeth, and just kept on walking…

As you might guess, Heidi is the reason Zoey keeps getting caught.

» I totally want to know the story behind this picture

I have no idea what it is, it just happened to be the random that showed when I went to the Flickr homepage the other day, but yes — assuming it’s not a PhotoshopJob, what on earth brought that about?

» …and yeah your body looks so sick I think I caught the flu

(Drop Dead) Beautiful [feat. Sabi] – Femme Fatale (Deluxe Version)
oh, BritneyMissi. I kind of love you for that lyric, I really do.


Ed Hardy


» I think if I left that unsupervised in the apartment it might eat my dogs.

…and considering my dogs, that’s really saying something.

Hands down winner for Scariest PT Prop I’ve Ever Seen

I went to go get myself a Trigger Point roller, & that came up in the search. Jeezum capeezum, what kind of injury do you have to get to warrant that?

» You don’t always have to wait until the end to throw the cox in.

In rowing, there’s a tradition that when you win, you can throw the coswain off the dock.
(we don’t do this all the time, but many noisy threats are often made.)

It would seem that this team knew they were so freakin’ awesome that they didn’t even need to wait until their imminent victory — they just went ahead & ejected the cox right at the start line:

» Better than bacon & chocolate.

…because unlike bacon & chocolate, I actually liked this unexpected combination.

While I’m not a big fan of either Nelly or Saturday Night Fever, I’m going to agree with Lovely Poet that this is indeed a really well-done mashup, so feel free to rock your frock.


Music: Big Fat Base – Britney Spears (Femme Fatale) Femme Fatale (Deluxe Version) - Britney Spears

Callpod Inc.

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