spartan proposals, nerd ethics, & things worth knowing.

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With your shield or on it, b*tches!

Okay, before anything else, I can’t run a blog called HeroineAddict & not post the link to the engagement proposal that looks like this:

Really? That is just freakin’ awesome. Don’t you wanna marry that guy? I totally want to marry him, & I don’t even know him! Also, considering my track record, I am aware Anya just made a remark regarding the fact that it’s entirely possible that may be a sneak preview of my wedding photos.

Nerd Ethics:

Ya know how, every so often, you go & creep on the internet & check up on people, or use google for less than awesome purposes? (Oh, yes, you do. shut it, I know you do.)

Well, a friend of mine did that the other day for a thing involving her family, & she was telling me about it (in this case, I can understand why the background check was in the mix), because, “We had just enough information to google them & find out who they are.”

I laughed at her a little & said, “See, here’s what I’m thinking — on the one hand, okay yeah I can see why you did that, and I feel a little bad for them because they had no idea that you’re a big bunch of tech geeks who could track them down on the internet in a heartbeat. So there’s that part of me. On the other hand, while I know it would be wrong, there’s also the part of me that totally wants those links so that I can look too, so I’m going to leave now.”

as I walked away I heard, “I can email them to you!”

“Stop it, that’s why I’m leaving!”

…and less than five minutes later I got

>>> :name deleted: 7/14/2011 11:17 AM >>>
Subj: you know you wanna….
:link to information about other people here:

>>> Claris 7/14/2011 11:18 AM >>>
Would you like to see what I just wrote for a blog entry? You’re totes evyl, yo.

>>> :name deleted: 7/14/2011 11:19 AM >>>
Subj: you know you wanna….
Duh duh DUH!


Random things I’d like to caution against:


Random things which remind me the world is awesome:

That’s it for now, peoples — this weekend I’m down at the Menagerie, so we’ll see if Zoey has learned her lesson from last time about what happens when one decides after a decade of scorning all contact with water to run headlong into the ocean, give her mother a heart attack, then jauntily trot out & roll in the sand.

Towel? Why can't I just get in the car like this?
Towel? Why can't I just get in the car like this?

In other news, last week I got my car detailed.

Music: Upside Down – Jack Johnson (Curious George) Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George - Jack Johnson

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  • raithen

    seriously — you detail your car and then expect Zoey NOT to jump in the ocean and roll in the sand? This is YOU we are talking about. Of course that will happen.

    as for clients. well. yes….

  • claris

    thankfully, it went the other way around – wet dog, then car detailing. I’d have been way more upset if it’d been your sequence of events.

  • Kate

    Wait…you didn’t know about Apocalyptica?! Please tell me you at least know about Rasputina, the OTHER greatest thing to happen to cellos since Bach…

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