museum of me, macbook thievery, & greenwash balls.

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Since I pulled a late night last night, less actual update, more from the category of stuff I’m loving at the moment:

Intel’s Museum of Me
Beautiful use of technology. If you have a Facebook account, give it a whirl.
(If you’re over 18 & you don’t have a Facebook account… dude, where the fuck have you been?)
Exactly what you’d think – one woman’s attempt to finally run through her wardrobe in one year. Personally, I’m just in awe that she has that many clothes.

Ghostbuster fire station to be closed.
If you want it, I’ll bet they’d sell it to ya. How it’s not already a historical site, I do not know.
So.. didja fuck up? Didja fuck up really bad? Good news – this is the site to help you get up the chutzpah to work on that. Including the ability to send a sorry message to get things rolling.
I love this. I love this because so many of us nerds grew up reading comic books, or watching hero movies & wanting to fight crime & make the world a better place, so we grew up & created the technology which can allows us to do just that, only without the hassle of a secret identity (unless you count your online handle) and free from the possible fashion faux pas of a utility belt that may not match your Zombie Identification Chart.

As explained in this blurb by Sarcasm Society, when one Oakland, CA nerd had his Macbook stolen, he used the time-honored equation of geekery + power of the internet = f*ck you100

The result was that the computer thief was caught, the computer returned, & there was much rejoicing throughout the land. Also? Thanks to the fact that our tax dollars fund convicts’ wireless internet, I’m secure in the knowledge that this whole thing is circulating the internet pretty heavily, so when he shows up in the slammer, this thief is totally gonna get made fun of over on cellblock B.

Mozy Remote Backup.  Free.Automatic.Secure.

It’s like yoga Woodstock.
I kinda wanna go… I just don’t know about my schedule once I get past July 1st… :sigh:

Sydney Bristow’s yoga mat bag.
Look at that thing – Marshall would totally be able to pimp that shit out.

GreenWash Ball – not nearly as dirty as it sounds.
Considering the amount of laundry I end up doing, I’m seriously tempted to give this a whirl. In the long run, it’s probably way cheaper & far less plastic-waste-generating than laundry detergent.

Damn you Zuckerberg. Damn you & your modern convenience addition all to hell.
due to the fact that I’ve had a couple people say they
a) don’t always see the blog posts in my status updates
b) can’t see when I’ve posted because they’re not friended to me on FB

I made a Facebook fan page for the site. Go ahead & get your Like! button on, & updates will show up in your newsfeed.

Because I would totally have his out-of-wedlock-until-gay-marriage-is-legalized babies.
In case you don’t already, I suggest that you mosey on over & read Jason Mraz’s blog. Whether you like the music or not, his brain meanderings just have a way of making you feel better about the day.

Mythical Me continues to have way more fun than Actual Me.
Our junior rowers discovered today that they can’t do SW Regionals with us because there are no Open category races this year, so racing is all 21+. Flyweight’s response was to bcc me into the email chain at the point where she inquired as to the possibility of a fake ID to make herself older*.
*That’s right – most teenagers want a fake ID to drink, this one wants a fake ID so she can race some 1ks. Welcome to rowing!

I responded, “Why on earth did I get bcc’d when Flyweight was looking for a fake ID? Seriously Flyweight, who do you think I am?

I got back, “figured you’d get a kick out of it. Besides, you’re the most likely to actually have a helpful answer to that question. ;)

I don’t know if I should be mildly affronted that she assumes I know those sort of people, or oddly chuffed that the teenagers think I might be the well-connected slightly disreputable adult who can acquire such things. Quandary, that.

Today’s Sing-A-long song:
For the guy who had the wacky idea to ask me about dating advice. As I told him, “It’s all right, kiddo – there’s a song about it everything.”

Music: You Got Growin’ Up to Do – Joshua Radin Simple Times - Joshua Radin

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