it’s vuja-de all over again…

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My computer is presently batch-processing about… a bajillion photos of high school kids sports at the moment, so I’m using this time to upload all the CDs that somehow did not make it into my iTunes collection so that I can put them on my spiffy new InkSpot.

I just opened the Eric Clapton MTV Unplugged CD, and found it still covered in stone dust from when I had to take Sculpture my 3rd year of college. One sneeze and I was right back in the bowels of NDC, cursing the person that stole my sculpture*. Thankfully, they did it after it was graded. :sigh:

And now, I’m rather tempted to go find a block of stone and redo the sculpture. I still have the clay draft of it… no! Bad Claris! Must. Do. Present. Projects. First! :thunk:thunk:

However, it turns out uploading the remaining music was a good idea since City!WebClient just asked me to come in for a day of data entry tomorrow – looks like InkSpot’s about to get a test run of its first full day of office work. awww… :sniff!: they grow up so fast!

*Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – in my case, it has often been thievery. Since high school, I’ve periodically had pieces just… disappear. I think it was… junior year I was doing a pieces that was a pointillism picture of a rose. I would have about one day’s work left on it, and poof! it would get stolen. Three times, man – do you know how many freakin’ little dots were in one of them? After that, we just started locking up my work, and to this day, anyone who knows me will tell you that nobody gets my originals. heh.

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