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Okay, let’s review how this internet thing works.

So remember how, a bit back, I said I wanted to play with some sms stuff, & so could you guys hit the like button & comment, etc? And a bunch of you have, & it’s great.

Except that I meant to do it in the blog.

’cause while the likes on my actual facebook page are rockin’, they’re also locked from the public & thus do roughly nada for me being able to ‘speriment with the interwebs while I try to prep Project #1 & #2. There’s a button up there ^ on the right, another bunch to play with down there at the bottom, and a couple more over there on the right>, so while I know we’re all used to being able to critique the world from behind the flimsily-constructed iron curtain* of Livejournal’s security features, I’d appreciate the help by allowing the sometimes harsh light of that mysterious burning ball of light in the sky to fall upon our (occasionally) witty repartee.
*As lawgeekgurl said when she saw my apartment for the first time, “Okay I love you, but this sh*t is so totally not built to code.”

Plus, if I get things the way I like, I can work on taking over my own little enclave of the internet, which means that if the Tea Party prevails and the terrorists win, we’ll have somewhere to hide from The Crazy. And even if I can’t eat them, you know my bomb shelter will have cookies.

…because that’s how I roll, yo.

Awesome: discovering that somewhere along the way in packing lunch you’d put two of the single servs of Colby Jack Cheese in with your veggies & hummus, and because you’d forgotten having done so, it was a pleasant surprise. Yay cheese!
Dismay: the fact that you had trouble getting the packaging open.
Depressing: knowing that somewhere there’s a 5 year old that could do it faster than you while playing Angry Birds on their iPad.

my powers are mysterious, diverse, & influential. Forget that not, mine readers.

The latest Friends Are Fun! Reader Feedback comes from edwud:
Puggles? What the hell is a puggle? And why does it look like a much smaller version of a proper dog? Why am i looking at a facebook gallery of puggles and then at the local pound listings? Damn you, Claris!

The reward for your prize:
Because someone on your facebook queried regarding puggles in bow ties, the answer is that it looks something like this:

For the record, there were shots of this puppy looking happier about his bow tie in that shop, but judging by the look on his face, I do believe this fellow had hit the end of his Patience For The Silly Human That Feeds Me and actively began Plotting Nefarious Revenge. I venture this opinion as the mommy of this dog’s twin brother — or at least, that’s what Ernie looks like when he hasn’t decided to get his pudge on by eating his sister’s food.
We’re down half a pound! 22.8! yay Ernie!

Also edwud, the answer is yes — I totally think you should get one. While a big guy/chihuahua combo might be odd & off-putting, I think you’ll find the stout hardiness of a wee puggle will actually make you a total chick magnet for the pure cute-but-not-wussy awesomeness of having a dog that looks like a perpetual puppy. Go for it, edwud! you know you wanna!

My next public appearance: The photo shoot for Merriam-Webster’s definition of “bad influence”.

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Dear Neighbors I Don’t Have: We’re not moving in. You’re welcome.

–> How to build a ball pit on your balcony
Yes, you totally read that right. On the one hand, the part of me that was too tall for the ball pit by age six is tempted, but the part of me that’s Ernie & Zoey‘s mom knows there’s simply too much opportunity for chaos inherent in this entire idea.

  • Just off the top of my head:

  • Zoey could would try to bury Ernie
  • I would constantly be tripping over the balls they’d inevitably scatter throughout the house.
  • I have often looked at the apartments just north of the Grove with their cute little individual balconies, seen the dogs who often laze in the sun on them & thought, “Zoey would so totally drop stuff on people passing by.” Best not to give her any extra ammunition.

Hrm. Now that I think about it, probably best not to get an apartment with a balcony period, or at least block off the bottom three feet if I do — once he gets back down to fighting trim, Ernie is probably small enough to be used as Balcony-Drop Ammunition.

You see? You see what I have to anticipate? Whoever said pets were relaxing were full of sh*t, man — if I ever have kids their toddler years are gonna suck simply because Zoey & Ernie will have already taught me the lessons I’ll need to circumvent any trouble. Ha ha, Future Minions 50% of Whose DNA is Still Chillin’ in my Ovaries. The dogs are already working to ruin your fun. Ha freakin’ ha.

Claris: So I was writing today about this guy that made a ball pit on his apartment balcony -
lawgeekgurl: That’s awesome.
Claris: I know, right? And then the whole thing descended into how I don’t think I could have a balcony in my new apartment.
lawgeekgurl: Or you’d have to put chickenwire or something across it so that Zoey doesn’t push Ernie off.
Claris: see? yes! Thank you, that’s totally where my brain went. That makes me feel so much better, because I thought I was just being overly.
Lisa: No, it just means that you have two dogs. Isn’t it great?

Music: Awake My Soul – Mumford & Sons Mumford & Sons

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