if it’s wisdom from twitter, do we call it twisdom?

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Random things you learn on Twitter:

Inadvertent wisdom:
@ThatKevinSmith Via @shaggytoodope “Part of life is also moving on.” To be great is to go on. To go on is to go far. To go far is to return.

Things that are just effin’ AWESOME:
@DijonTalton There is going to be a live #glee concert tour! announcement and details coming soon. Super excited!!! lol hahaha..

My heart made a noise that sounded like awesome. – Nathan Fillion

Dropped Kate off at Union Station this morning, came back & tied up a couple of loose ends work-wise. I thought I had a handle on the migration I’m doing for Civic!Co., but discovered that another section has been allocated to me — this is good in terms of money, but a bit harsh since it’s all due COB the 22nd. Plus, since Kate was at my house for almost four full days, I now need to go through & clean the whole apartment — love that girl like a sister, but oy vey – her operational methods & mine differ rather greatly on a neatness & cleaning level. ;) Considering that growing up, I was known as the slob of the family, I hate to think of the palpatations Kate would have caused my maternal unit.
(Unlike Anya, who has been asking for a few minutes alone with mom to cause such palpatations for about… oh, a decade or so now, & I’ve managed to stave it off. If I ever get married, I’m going to have to assign a member of the wedding party to maintain that clean record — I keep warning her, we have an open extradition policy with Canada, running back to Toronto afterwards will not help her in the least.)

So yes – I have a couple of tupperware bins that are sort of full (she brought more of her things down to San Diego), dishes that need to be done, and oddly enough, oats strewn over the passenger side of my car. Yes, real oats – we baked, it’s a whole thing, and will finally force me to take my car to the underpaid & possibly illegal immigrants working at the car wash across the street from my house. (That sounds really bad unless you live in LA. Just trust me on that one.)

Due to my extreme sleep deprivation, Kate actually drove to the boathouse this morning, an experience which probably won’t be repeated again for a while. She doesn’t actually own a car, and despite her assertation that she totally drove when she was home in MN at Christmas, I think she wasn’t quite up for the 10 & 405 in the rain. Therefore, while she went out on the water, I skipped my 10k, curled up in my passenger side, and got another hour & a half of sleep. (When I do laundry today, I really need to wash the blanket that I keep in the car for Zoey so I have it to use for naps.)

Amongst this weekend’s accomplishments were getting that much closer on my tomato soup recipe, & heart-shaped granola bars… although, are they actually granola bars if they’re heart-shaped? Hrm.

In other developments, it is pouring outside. Like, forget about taking a single out on the marina, I might need one to row up the 405 just to get home. I’ve heard about tornado warnings in Long Beach & flooding of entire neighborhoods in San Pedro. I must say, one of the nice things about living in West Hollywood is that I’m far enough up the hill that we don’t flood, and far enough down it that the mud can’t slide down to reach us. My only worry is whether that one wall in my bedroom is going to leak again. it makes me glad I held off on switching out my ceiling fans ’til now – if I’d asked the landlord to replaster that wall at the same time & then this rain fracked it up again, I’d have been mightily annoyed.

Holy crap, it’s raining really hard. Combined with my emotional freaking out last night, I’d like to know why I wasn’t at least asked to sign a waiver before being transplanted to J.J. Abrams’ Alias version of L.A. If I have to go through the abandonment paranoia, compartmentalization of feelings, and mommy issues, I’d damned well better get exotic travel, cool outfits to wear while kicking people’s asses, and a male love interest who looks hot when he’s just a bit scruffy around the edges…. mmmm… scruffy….

Oh, and Jennifer Garner’s abs. I’ll totally be needing them. Someone get on that for me, eh?

Music: The Highwayman – Loreena McKennitt Loreena McKennitt - Live In Paris and Toronto - The Highwayman

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