If I just lay here would you lie with me and just forget the world…

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Things of note:

- LizB & I need to mark our iPods. We both have the black Classic style, with red rubber cases. Someday there’s gonna be a Parent-Trap-esque mix-up in the boathouse, just you wait.

- during a debate re: Twilight, the following reasoning came up from a twitard: “Well you eat cantaloupe, & I think that’s gross.” Well played, UnknownTwitard. Well played.

- I forgot to pack my boots with the 3″ heels this morning, & thus am spending the day wearing sneakers with my long jeans. Perhaps this doesn’t bother anyone else, but I find it niggling.

- finally got myself a starbucks gift card so I could use & abuse their wi-fi w/o being dependent upon Kate. Being a dork of supremacy, I got the keychain card designed by Christian Siriano. It’s very fierce, and possibly another sign that I less-than-three Project Runway more than I ought.

- feel like I’m slowly getting stuff done. Sadly, the use of the adjective “slowly” is still in there.

- worked at Kermit the Frog’s house on Saturday night. Pictures as soon as I get them off my phone. :sigh: Silly phone.

- also picked up the pages of the Wildlings again, and after two years away from them, now have Kate and Daclyn running around in my head again. This will either be problematic or kind of awesome. We’ll see.

- have a new client whose husband is named Darcy. Yes, that’s right, this girl actually married Mr. Darcy. I kind of love her for that.

- trying to get up & running for possible ongoing client, running into problems with their VOIP system. Kind of annoying, as I am hoping to do work on it the week of Christmas/New Year’s when everyone else is away.

- beginning to think that nine years in L.A. has stolen my holiday spirit, since for me, it’s never really begun to feel a bit like Christmas this year.

- did this morning’s erg workout & do not feel like I’m going to die. This is good because my splits were consistently below my 2k goal for the year which is promising, but also sad because it means I’m not going as fast as I could and thus am in for still more pain. Oh rowing, you bothersome wench, you.

- still have the T.P. workout to do on Thursday. Have attempted it three times thus far without completion, and last time had a panic attack, which is… not good. However, aware enough to realize this is mental issue rather than a lack of athletic ability, and am taking steps to get over my shit, so will try again on Thursday.

- created a new playlist for InkSpot, and realized just now that I forgot to add Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley Jeff Buckley - Grace - Hallelujah. wtf is wrong with me, that’s what I wanna know.

- a very nice girl just walked up & gave me a sampler of Cranberry Bread Latte. Thank you, VeryNiceStarbucksGirl!

- having and odd resurgence for the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol Snow Patrol - Eyes Open - Chasing Cars. Happened across it again the other day, and just like it all over again.

- have an envelope of cash from valeting this weekend that I keep forgetting to deposit & must do before going back to the boathouse today. Esp. since it’s the last $100 I need to pay that red light ticket, the bastage. 12 years I manage to go without a moving violation of any kind, and then boom – in the space of two months, I get caught by red light cameras twice. Possibly this is a sign that the universe would like me to slow down. Not to worry universe, the loss of over a grand to pay them & the fact that I still need to do online traffic school has made me far more cautious, thanks so very friggin’ much. That’s more than a month’s rent, doncha know.

- My apartment is officially a hovel. No, like, for real. Zoey is spending the day in puppy playgroup with the two dogs next door, and that’s a relief for me since the “drop and go” nature of my existence over the last few weeks has caused me to have the random paranoia of possibly losing my pet under one of the piles of crap that decorate the floor.
One of my accomplishments this week was the purchase of a new Swiffer, and I intend to borrow ZenMistressE’s steam cleaner for my mattress. The nice thing about being in LA at the end of December is that no one else is around, so I intend to clean my apartment, do a crapload of errands, get caught up on work, and not have to worry about traffic to do any of it since the streets will be deserted. Ah, the joy of living in a city that everyone moves to, but very few people come from.

- need to drop off my NetFlix – afraid I became quite addicted to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Star Trek and kept that group for a slightly inordinate amount of time. Need to get Harry Potter! Yay Harry Potter!

- really want to see Sherlock Holmes, and am finding myself with a growing appreciation for steampunk. Insidious fun, that genre.

In closing, Glee finale was awesomely fun – highly disappointed that I have to wait until April for new eps. However, I have Chuck in the wings and the new BSG series Caprica looks promising, so let’s be honest, my productivity will most likely still have the adjective “slow” attached.

Music: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol Snow Patrol - Eyes Open - Chasing Cars

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