… I didn’t realize that was a job qualification. Only in LA…

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So here I am, tooling away on the store for MadamG‘s company in a Starbucks in Topanga… minding my own business, iPod in my ears.

Then I hear, “So, you do fashion?”

…and I realized they were talking to me. A kinda burly tattooed guy was standing over my shoulder. Um, hullo?

He explains that he runs a fashion start-up, rah rah rah, & saw what I was working on. I in turn explain it’s a client, I do web design, etc & so forth. He’s talking to me about doing shopping carts, the usual schtick, and that he likes my job title. (I didn’t feel like having designer/writer/programmer/project manager on my card, so I just made up my own job title. It turned out to be oddly prophetic, so hey – be careful what you wish for.)

In the middle of it, RandomFashionGuy asks, “… and you smoke butt too, huh?”

Note for those not in Cali – this was in no way a sexual proposition. In LA, this is actually one of the PC methods of inquiring “dost thou partake of the reefer?”

I sadly had to disappoint him that no, my eyes were simply tired from hours of staring at a computer screen, not bloodshot from too much pot, a point that I illustrated by picking up the small yellow glasses I use to cut down on screen glare but had to take off when the sun set & the lights had gotten dimmer.

RandomFashionGuy accepted that gracefully, & we discussed some of his shopping cart options before he left. Whether he’ll actually call for work, I have no idea, but um, yeah – only in LA would someone inquire about a 420 while in a professional conversation.

Oh, Los Angeles, your freak beacon never fails….

Music: – More Than This – Matt Nathanson (At the Point) Matt Nathanson - At the Point - More Than This

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