Hoff’s maximum speed, code vs life, & my continued employment – aka, ALL HAIL THE POWER OF THE LIST!

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Claris: okies. gotta make breakfast & run to work ttyl.
Hoff: you should prob drive instead
for maximum speed
There’s the art/life imitation debate, but now we have comics/internet…
Read this wisdom from xkcd:

Now read this:
Chatbot Wears Down Proponents of Anti-Science Nonsense
When he tired of arguing with climate change skeptics, one programmer wrote a chatbot to do it for him.
I’m telling you – Lists can help achieve anything
which is to say that I got word today confirming two days a week of work for me at Museum!Co at least through Dec 20th.
at which point they’ll have to decide about renewing my original contract after the first of the year. But hey – that’s the next hurdle, let’s enjoy this victory

When I started, I had a conversation where I said to Polgara, “I know what my job is. My job is to make ProjMgrMC happy. As long as I do that, I’m good to go.”

Thus far, this has been achieved with lists. When I came in, there was a… transitional organization also going on at the time re: which proj. mngr would be in charge, and ProjMgrMC ended up with someone else’s mishegas dropped in her lap to make sense of. The way I saw it, my job was to make anything I handled as easy to understand and work with as possible.

When in need… make A List.

Seriously, I live my life by lists. If, on average, I achieve about 90% of what I need to get done with lists, I’d probably be at around 40% without ‘em. When I arrived at Lawgeekgurl’s house the day before she was supposed to move & found that she hadn’t packed AT ALL yet and there was an entire junk room to be gone through, I went, “Okay, let’s make a list” and the Book of List drove her nuts for four days, but afterwards, she admitted that none of it would have happened without items to tick off as done.

People who work with me freelance know that when I have things to go through, they’re gonna get it as a list.

So at the end of each day, ProjMgrMC would get a highly organized list that tracked what I’d done, what the issues were, and what we’d need for the next day. (Depending on the day, sometimes it was even color-coded.)

As we went along, ProjMgrMC eventually was like, “Just send it to me in one of your lists – those are great.”

And yesterday, when we were talking about the winding down of the project that I’m working on, I quietly asked ProjMgrMC about, ya know.. me, and that I was trying to plan my work schedule for December, so did she know if they’d be keeping me, and I expressed that while I had other opportunities (by which I mean wearing black for 20 hours a week & parking cars, but they don’t need to know that), I’d prefer to stay here at Museum!Co. ProjMgrMC offered to go talk to CaptJack and find out, which in most companies meant ya know, I’d hear whenever. However, as I left her office, ProjMgrMC made a beeline for CaptJack’s office, and this morning I got the confirmation that I’m good to go for two days a week until the end of December, which on the scale that Museum!Co pays, means that I’ll have all of my bills covered by working 2 days a week, & any other work I do can go to savings & paying things off.

:sigh of relief:

Which just goes to show — never underestimate the power of well-written lists.
Claris: is it kind of ridiculous how happy I am about my continued employment at Museum!Co?
Hoff: nope man
that’s a heck of a paycheck
Claris: oh i’m in the best mood right now. I kinda wanna get outta work so I can go clean my house, I’m THAT HAPPY.
Hoff: dude you crack me up

Music: Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap Conditions - The Temper Trap

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  • http://www.candlemarkandgleam.com Kate

    HOORAY for continued work at Museum!Co, especially on that sort of pay scale! Oh, but I do love the power of lists. :-D

  • Megdalen

    I think lists are awesome. Every year I make a no-holds-barred Christmas list. It is sort of pathetic, because I never get anything on it, but I like to see how it changes from year to year. And I*love* making chore lists, because there is always room to add on a chore that you did without thinking while doing a different chore, so then you can write it down and corss it off the list right away. Very satisfying.


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