Happy Water, quittin’ a gig, & when in doubt – play Twister

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So I’ve gotten to the point where I have two main valet gigs that I work alot – LPC for the Dolls, & HCR for Prem!Co. Both of these are relatively easy shifts, the first pretty much being me getting paid to stand behind a podium in North Hollywood for three or four hours two days a week & do my offline work in a parking lot rather than a coffee shop, & the other paying me to hang out in a studio parking lot in Hollywood making sure that crew members aren’t blocked in by other crew members’ cars & moving them on the occasions when that’s the case.

As you might guess, this leaves me & those who work these sites awash in fascinating activities such as reading, working on laptops, cleaning out our cars and…. playing Twister.

We discovered that the back of Dennis’ truck contained many things, from a legnth of heavy chain to a tarp (which made me theorize he was sidelining to more nefarious career choices) to… a Twister tarp. (He swears he doesn’t remember how it got there.)

Boys being boys (I at 30 am oftentimes the old lady of the bunch) Dennis & Sean decided it was a great time test the Twister to make sure it still worked properly, except of course, we didn’t have a board. Being the smartass geek I am, I flippantly suggested, “I’ll bet there’s an app for that.”

Turns out… THERE IS!
Behold – the Twister app.

Once that bad boy was downloaded, the guys had at it & once I figured out how to use Dennis’ phone (it’s not an iPhone! :gasp of horror!:) they shared some quality time together as roommates should:

Happy crystals.
When you’re in LA, you hear a lot of New Age theories, some on par, some interesting, some dubious, some just obviously created with the aid of heavy hallucinogens. Full disclosure: I say this last part with the full self-awareness that I myself am a Vedic meditator & a certified Reiki practitioner, so I’m not sitting up in my tower of glass & cement laughing that the uneducated heathens dancing naked under the full moon in worship of the bull god Baal on the rocks below. However, let’s be honest, sometimes you hear things that are just… really?

One of the interesting concepts that I have heard in my time is the theory of water crystals. There is a doctor in Japan who believes that by putting a certain printed word under a container of water, the water’s molecular structure will actually change slightly to match certain shapes, and the water itself will have the emotional sentiment of the word that was “suggested” to it. At one point, ZenMistressE actually gave me my own set of these cards because hey, you gotta figure – it can’t hurt.

I was reminded of this today when I had to go buy a new Nalgene for myself — the Cal one that I’d inhierited forever ago finally disappeared for what I suspect is the last time, so I needed a replacement. And, since I have the motor skills of a drunken four year old, I always get the little rubber sippy insert. It was with Japanese Water Crystals in mind that I chose this little guy to come home with me:


You gotta figure – it can’t hurt. ;)

Winners Daily. You're Next.

Quittin’ a gig, jiggedy-jig
The rather large project that KC was working on which caused me to drop everything for four days has, theoretically, come through. In addition, I’ve been offered a part time gig at Museum!Co where Polgara works which should last at least a month, probably through the end of the year if not beyond. With this in mind, I’m hoping that this coming weekend is my last working at Not!So!SpiffV!Hotel.

I got the verbal go on Museum!Co on Friday afternoon while driving down to San Diego, and while several people have been like, “Just quit! Don’t go this weekend! F*ck them, they cheat their employees!” and the knee-jerk part of me wants to do that, the blue-collar kid who doesn’t yet have three months’ worth of bills in the bank for safety just can’t quit one gig until I’ve started the next, so I’m going to work this weekend until I feel comfortable & secure that the gig with Museum!Co actually will start & be stable — it’s just been too long, and while I recognize that it’s most likely me being overly paranoid, a job where I’ll make enough working 16 hours a week to replace both EDD and all of my valet gigs in one shot… it’s just too shiny & too good to be true for me to accept it right off the bat. I mean, I’m not refusing it, gods know, & I’m certainly grateful for it, but I’ve just had my hopes raised too many times to simply jump without a net anymore. Besides, I haven’t finished The List, so every bit helps, eh?

How goes The List, you may ask?
It goes. There has been actual progress:


And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go move a couple of cars up to the top parking lot – in the true fashion of America, I’m off to interrupt my Romanian co-worker, whose phone conversation just went, “Romanian-Romanian-Romanian-Romanian-Facebook-Romanian-Romanian-Romanian-fuck that…” Ah, America. We bring so much to other cultures…

Also also? This is awesome:

Music: White Horse – Taylor Swift (Fearless)Fearless

Mozy.com, an insurance policy for your hard drive.

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  • http://www.candlemarkandgleam.com Kate

    Oooh, this Museum!Co gig sounds pretty darn spiffy. I can’t bring myself to quit one job before another’s lined up anymore, either, but…man, when you do have it nailed down? Sweetness. :-D

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