Googlevyl, free music, & land wars in Asia

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Note: due to the spastic nature of my life as of late, this one was written over the course of a week & a half

Oh Google – I don’t care if you really are an evyl empire, you’re an evyl empire with Segways & I less-than-three you all the same.
Seriously, I don’t know how I’d get along without Google calendar. The searchability just makes things so much freakin’ easier that it’s ridiculous. For instance, I was off to see Der Familie Schneider for the first time since… December (??) and I realized I’d totally forgotten their address. Thankfully, google was there in the clinch, since my inability to remember…anything has gotten me into the habit of logging as much as I can in my calendar, so the address was available for searching. yay Google!

Wavee US, LLC

It’s not every girl who gets her own land war in Asia
I spent the other day turning out three different landing page drafts for one client, thus getting me up to date — with that one client. Sadly, I counted, & there are six seven more after that, three of which are looking to get deliverables from me during the day on Friday. Since I’m writing this while shuttling at a Doll party and we found out that we’re not getting out at midnight as planned, but instead sometime around 2am, I can pretty much guarantee that at least one client will not receive their product during the day Friday. I’m on a traffic direction gig in Malibu on Saturday, hopefully it’s quiet enough that I’ll be able to get something done.

I was talking to a fellow Doll LB about it the other night – it’s this odd little war in my world.

On one side of the table, you have the hourly work of valeting which allows me to have at least a partial paycheck that’s regular, but since it’s shift work & sometimes it’s a heavy on-call schedule, it’s hard to have a regular routine.

On the other side of the table, there’s the freelance work which on the whole is more lucrative and pays a greater amount, but isn’t steady or have any guarantee that the clients will pay on time. So I end up doing the meetings & such to get that work during the days, & then when other freelancers would be working to actually do the work that they have, I’m instead running around working as a valet, which means that I then have to find the time to squinch in the actual production time of doing the work that I’ve done the meetings to acquire.

On the third side of the table is my accursed need for sleep, which for the last few weekends has been achieved by turning the care of Zoey over to my next-door neighbor Mia from Friday night until sometime during the day Sunday (or depending on how late I get out of my Sunday shift, Monday morning). This way, with Zoey taken care of, I can just leave work at the end of my shift, drive to whichever of my two boathouses that I’m rowing at in the morning and sleep in my car in the parking lot, thus saving me the gas of going back & forth to West Hollywood & gaining me at least an hour of sleep since I’ve cut out travel time.

…which leaves me facing off in a three sided war against two different jobs & my own body’s desire for rest. Since I’m student of history and 99% of my family is German/Austrian/Hungarian all the way down both lines, I’m painfully aware that much like arguing with a Sicilian when death is on the line, fighting a three-sided war most likely will not end for me in any way that can be defined as “well”. :shakey fist at universe:

End result being that I end up feeling a lot like this guy:

Free Music Alert!
I lurvers me the free music, and this round comes from Sarah McLachlan, the awesome Lilith Fair goddess. Have at it, kids:

Meanwhile, if you want to pick up the newest version of Lilith Fair’s CD, give this link a whirl: Lilith 2010 Lilith

Music: Adele – Live from Soho iTunes

iPods and Accessories at Goodwill Too

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