good daddies, not shopping at Bloomies, & wait – that’s NOT Avril?

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Dude. Can he be my dad too?
I don’t know who this guy is, but I like how he’s parenting.
h/t Xanderella for the link.

Wait, that’s not Avril?
Okay, I’m totally going to cop to the fact that I didn’t know which song was Christina Perri, because I honestly thought that Jar of Hearts was the new Avril ballad.
I mean, seriously, is it just me or is that totally a match for I’m with You?

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I’m so crap at being an LA girl that even my bank knows I don’t shop at Bloomie’s
I have two accounts at two different banks — one for my personal banking, & another under the name of my company. (“company” being me & my two four-legged employees who are on permanent nap-break.)

Last week, my company card got rejected, which I thought was odd, but shrugged it off as a fluke of the machine at Whole Paycheck. However, when I tried to buy some sports bras on amazon & it happened AGAIN, I checked my balance online, was puzzled, and called customer service.

Seems someone somehow got my card number & had set off the fraud alert on that card. They only got away with a whopping $60 before they tried to shop at & set off my bank’s triggers because my shopping habits suggest that would be an out of step purchase for me.

Everything’s fine, I got my new card with the new number last night (and totally forgot to activate it), but I just can’t stop being amused by the fact that even my bank knows I wouldn’t pay Bloomie’s prices. Because I’m just. that. obvious. *snerk*

Free music? methinketh it’s time for wackiness to ensue.
Since I have run out of free hours on (again), & I’m waiting for a check to come (again) before I (finally get around to) buy an actual membership*, I’ve been playing around on
*if life goes according to pattern, I will be paid after the first of the month, in which case I’ll inevitably forget to buy a membership because I’ll have free hours again until I run out again, etc & so forth. What can I say, people – wheels on the bus go ’round & round & all that.

Which is how you’re getting today’s sing-a-long song, brought to you courtesy of a random shuffle & my need as of late for music that requires absolutely no thought on my part.

Plus, let’s be honest – it has unicorns, the president of Uzbeckizstan, & James Van Der Douche. How can you not just take a moment to revel in the awesomeness of that?

“…Munster is like edible lactose gold.”

Music: Blow – Ke$haKe$ha

Which Line is Longer?

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