Favorite things: April showers edition

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Favorite Things: April 2012


That moment where you don’t know if the reason things are uploading slowly is because the coffeeshop’s wi-fi is overloaded, or because your laptop is slowly dying, which is why you’re really, really kinda hoping the new one you ordered is early & shows up today instead of tomorrow as the shipping manifest predicted.

Moving on…

Before I share the tale of how I went to Joshua Tree for a weekend so I could alternately sleep, meditate, and allowed two guys to beat the crap out of me for my own endocrinal good, I thought we’d hit on a happy note & I’d share some of the things brightening my world right now.

Problem: I can never find my iPhone because everything I own is black.

…and to try to solve that, a bright orange case seemed a good solution. However, I soon discovered that for some reason, the headphone jack & charger openings weren’t large enough to allow me to use my original charge wires — damn you Apple & your ability to make things smaller & nicer over time! :shaky fist:

In a rare display of glitter in my life, I got an iphone case that looks like Dorothy slippers.

red sparkly iPhone case

Because it’s awesome. And the sequins mean it sparkles so I don’t root around in my bag mumbling under my breath about personal tendencies to apply goth color spectrums in my electronic accessorization.

psst – they also have green, gold & pink. I’m almost tempted to start a collection just because seeing me take out a sparkly red iPhone seems to startle people. #KeepEmOnTheirToes

I found tea that smells like cake. No. Joke.

In December, I picked up a couple of the holiday teas that were out at the store, & may possibly have opened a box, started to walk away, then doubled back like Toucan Sam following Froot Loops as I took a deep breath and said, “Oh my god, that tea smells like cake. It then proceeded to become my go-to cuppa until January when I ran out & may have had a small panic.

Then I remembered that I had the internet and things became okay again.

If that’s not your (tea)bag, I’d suggest that Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is also pretty damn awesome.. I’m gonna go ahead & assume y’all can figure out on your own what that smells like.

Having a day? Just sit back & let the sound of British make you feel better.

I bring you Matthew Mcfayden reading the first proposal scene of Pride & Predjudice. Why? Because it’s lovely – there’s something about the way he reads that, no matter what’s going on, just makes your day feel a little better. Go on, put your headphones on & have a nice little auditory break.

I mean, the visuals are kinda shmatlzy, but otherwise…see? Wasn’t that nice?
If you just want the audio, word is it can be found here.

Lovely. Let’s go have some tea.

Oh, Tumblr – you do make so many things better.

In a time where Texts from Hillary made us all consider the re-emergence of large dark sunglasses, we also got Texts from my dog, which completely reinforces my fear of Zoey figuring out technology.

Texts from my dog

…and they’re British. Because the Britishisms just automatically make it all so much better.

Did anyone else see this preview & go, “That’s freakin’ awesome…”

I don’t give a crap that it’s probably a formulaic “Author hunts serial killer copying his books” plotline — somebody thought to cast John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. Screw the rest of the plot, that decision alone is just fantastic.

To that casting director: Those of us who grew up in the late 80′s early 90′s salute you!

You’re like Dumbo. Except without his feather.

in case you’re like the Geico guys who live under the rock, I’m posting The Many Faces of Jenny Lawson. Because it’s awesome. And you should go pre-order your book now.

So go hit up the pre-order love, read it, steal yourself a Bible to compare, and then and we can all Pretend This Never Happened..

Music: This is the Thing – Fink Perfect Darkness (Bonus Video Version) - Fink

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