Ex-Boyfriend #9: Last words – “It was over after the fake drug deal.”

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For the second time in two days, I felt the cold metal of handcuffs on my skin and not even an ounce of marijuana to show for it…

Izzy Spellman has a problem – namely, a whole family of them. Raised by a pair of parents so investigative they’ve made it the family business, she’s been groomed from birth to join the ranks at Spellman Investigations.

Despite a long history of rebellion (drinking, drugs, and some serial automotive negligence involving trash cans that garnered a Neighborhood Watch meeting in her honor), Izzy’s found at age 28 that the very skills which drove her parents to despair of her ever actually acting like a grown up are the same ones that make her perfect for the one job she doesn’t want.

What Izzy wants is privacy – in the midst of a family of private investigators, she’s trying to have a personal life. Between dodging the fact that her mom likes to pay others to keep a surveillance tail on her love life, being blackmailed by her 14 year old sister to spring her from summer camp, and periodically scraping her Uncle Ray off a motel floor away from the enabling hands of his poker buddies after yet another Lost Weekend, it’s turning out to be really difficult to convince her new dentist boyfriend that she is, in fact, a substitute schoolteacher.

Eventually, even Izzy’s juggling skills let go, and as the balls fall to the floor, she delivers an edict to her parents: she quits. No more credit checks on potential boyfriends, no more having to sneak in through the fire escape, no more showing up at her brother the perfect lawyer’s office to shake him down for the money his firm owes the family. She’s done. Finito.

Her parents agree. She can get out – as soon as she solves one. last. case…
Claris’ take: Izzy is good people. This is a heroine who is in no way better than thou. She gets annoyed, she’s fucked up in the past, and she’s not going to sugar coat who and what she is. This book is the first in a series, and I fully intend to track down the rest if for no other reason than that there’s no small comfort in the knowledge that I’ve finally found someone who just might make more lists than I do. ;)

My suggestion? Spend some time with Izzy – if nothing else, it’ll make your mom look way less nosy.

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