discount vajazzling‏, learning from tv, & one scary-ass smurf

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“It’s like… vaguely controlled chaos.”

- commentary on my bookcase that, sadly, is also a good summary of my life.


you know you live in LA when…
you get a groupon thingy for 50% off a Brazilian Wax and Vajazzling‏.

Really? Even that gets a Groupon now? Really?

“sugar coating Satan’s sandwich,”
I guess that term was used in reference to the recent debt negotiations in Washington. As far as I’m concerned, “sugar coating Satan’s sandwich” just might be the best thing to come out of the entire mess. I think I might adopt it as my new phrase. It can come home with me & sleep on the bed that Ernie refuses to use. I’ll hug it & kiss it & call him George.

Scariest. Smurf. Ever.

As someone whose profession often gets classified as working in Marketing, I would like to take a moment & apologize to parents everywhere for this night-terror-inducing product tie-in:

Seriously? That thing startled the crap out of me at the corner of Venice & Overland Saturday morning — to the point where I actually pulled my car over and took a picture of it — I was that disturbed. Later that day, I showed the picture to my IT guy Jayson, saying, “You have a daughter — this is totally nightmares waiting to happen, right?”

To which he said, “Oh Christ, yah. Smurfs are weird enough as it is, but having them all giant is just wrong.”

So to every parent who will get to wake up to the sound of terrified screams in the middle of the night because their child is convinced that a giant Smurf is coming to rip out their guts… sorry dude.

To those kids — keep on screamin’, buddy. Those Smurfs are totally coming to rip your guts out.
Sweet dreams!

Today’s lesson: TV really is educational
The following moment of geographic ignorance totally could have been avoided by watching Season 7 of The West Wing.

Sachiel: no, there were more earthquakes today.
Claris: Near me? I didn’t feel anything. I’ve been working all day, I haven’t been online.
Sachiel: no, near Japan.
Claris: Jesus, those people just can’t catch freakin’ break.
Sachiel: Well I mean come on – I am Asian, & I think that building your civilization in a location named The Ring Of Fire has its risks. It’d be like… well you’re in California — what if you guys looked around & went, “Screw the fact that we’re in a fault line, let’s build a nuclear power plant!” That’d be kinda dumb.
Claris: We did. It’s in San Diego. I actually worked on the website for it when I worked for SCE.

:moment of silence:

Sachiel: Oh. oops.
Claris: lil’ bit, yah.

:moment of silence:

Claris: You know I’m gonna put that in the blog, right?
Sachiel: Yeah… I earned it.

How long do you keep your CDs?
As readers may know, I’ve been slowly cleaning out my apartment so that I can move this fall. I’ve gotten through a lot of stuff – my studio corner is neat, I’ve cleaned out my closet, I’m actually caught up on all of my mending.
(Yes, I have a sewing machine, & I can mend. It also means that should the need arise, I can sew yer trap shut. ;p~)

The next thing to go after is my office, which contains not only my bookcase, but also my computers , my filing, and this:

(yes badapplebetty, that’s totally the same shelving you sold me for $25 when you moved from LA.)

For the younger members of the audience, those are called CDs. (noun \cee-dees\)
Once upon a time, that was a vehicle on which the majority of music was listened to before Steve Jobs sucked us all in. (:sigh: Oh Steve, you magnificent bastard – savior & enabler, all in one turtlenecked package.)

Due to the fact that
a) I’m a big nerd
b) I did an initial cleaning of my CD collection over winter break from Museum!Co

I’ve already got all of my music ripped to electronic format & burned to a hard drive and a backup. I never actually use my CDs, and yet, I’m loath to let them go. It just seems so strange to be without some semblance of a physical backup other than a hard drive that is literally the smaller than my hand.

And yet, I could just bring the whole lot of it to Amoeba & either get store credit towards buying a dvd/bluray set of something, or take the cash & put it in a “Buy a firesafe for your backups” fund, which would really be the more practical solution. Plus, there’s a whole WALL of my apartment that I’d get back — I could hang up my violins & pretend I might actually play sadly attempt to practice on them again one day…

What do you think, interwebs? Should I give the vestiges of my musical hard copy the old heave-ho?

Music: 5 years time – Noah & the Whale Noah & The Whale

Mozy Remote Backup.  Free.Automatic.Secure.

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  • Megdalen

    I know abuot supply and demand, but really. Shouldn’t you worry about getting that done using a Groupon? Like, if you use the Groupon does the salon use the lower-quality jazzles? But if you go in for your appointment and pay full price, I bet you get the top-of-the-line jazzles. That is my opinion. I have other opinions about the subject but they were pretty judgemental. This one was, hopefully, encouraging economic thought.

  • claris

    oh no no, Meg – I was totally judgmental on this one. I prefer that if someone’s going to be… working in the surgical field, as they say on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s someone not thinking about the fact that they’re working for half-price.

    Although, I hope you won’t be disappointed that I decided to decline the jazzles & let that particular Groupon deal pass me by… there are many many other ways that I can help the economy that don’t involve adhesives around certain sensitivities, thank you. ;)

  • Megdalen

    LOL! That was the plural you, the collective you, the “probably anyone but Claris” you. I never thought you would actually use that particular Groupon! Fret not. And I *LOVE* Grey’s Anatomy. LOVE.

  • claris

    Much like Justin Timberlake, I feel that Grey’s Anatomy is every girl’s dirty little secret — even if we don’t watch every week, every so often there’s a marathon because OHMYGOD WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? ;)

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