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Done! (sort of)
I finally got my portfolio site live late last week — about three days late of my self-imposed deadline of May 1st, but live nonetheless. I have two things I need to tweak – the styling of a button & the formatting of the text in the sidebar of the blog section – but they’re small & not enough of a dealbreaker to put off pushing live any longer. I actually decided that as much as I liked the monkey on his own, he didn’t make the final cut. Poor little monkey, I might include him in one of the shopping blogs just ’cause.

Memorable & Unique business cards

Menkare posted this on her facebook the other day, & it just totally reminds me of so many things in my life lately.

How do you forgive? The same way you let go of a rock that you pick up that you realize is hot: you just let it go. Don’t think about it, analyze it, or write yet another story about it… just let it go.
- Janus RedMoon

One of the things that I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year is… getting rid of clients. Closing out accounts on things whose level of inter-personal difficulty is not worth the money it yields, companies that I’ve never been entirely comfortable working with, people that I have to chase to get paid… all that crap.

It’s hard, because the paranoid blue-collar food-stamp kid in me is like, “OMG, no we need work or we shall staaaaaarve. No Precious, no!”

And then the other part of me that’s trying to react in a measured, somewhat grown-up fashion will point to the budget spreadsheet for now until the end of the year & very calmly tell FoodStampGollumMe, “No, we will be okay. New work will come in from better clients who will be better to work with, & things will be fine.”

Thank god SortOfGrownUpMe was right. Less than a day after closing out accounts with Radio!Client, an old client I hadn’t heard from in a while emailed. Civic!Co had just gotten in a slew of new work & needed migrators, so did I have any time over the next six weeks?

Indeed I do, client that pays on time & doesn’t treat me like crap. Indeed I do.

There are other things, too. I went & had one of my periodic talks with Sylvie last week in an attempt to figure out how to work around the complications I was finding in my business dealings with another industry, and came to two conclusions:

  1. The shady-ass bullsh*t that I’m running into is why no one is working with this industry.
  2. I am really tired of trying to wade through it all, & while on paper it would have been an interesting project, when I factor in dealing with the personalities involved & the muck I’ll have to navigate to make things happen, there are easier ways to make money which will not involve half as much trouble.

I decided to just finish out the projects that I have quoted at the moment, & not take on anything new. It’s not worth the trouble, & if you’re going to make me fight to make a living, I’m pretty sure there are a lot easier ways I can find to make a living, so hey – peace out, bitches.

Yes, I realize that really doesn’t sound like the best attitude to have, but ya know what I say to that?


I’m just tired. And done. And really, really okay with the fact that I am both of those things. Besides, if there’s anything that LA teaches you, it’s that life moves on without you, so I know that once things are wrapped up & done, neither of the clients that I’ll be ditching will miss me a bit, so there’s no reason to feel bad about any of it.

Instead, I’d rather spend the summer rowing and doing cycle & yoga classes, launching new sites & finishing up client work that pays well with no personal complications, finding drawing workshops to do, and, if I’m feeling very ambitious, maybe starting violin lessons again. Hell, I’m starting spinning again after a decade away, why not violin lessons too…

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Bits & bobs

:a-quiver with geek anticipation:
X-Men: First Class Trailer


From @ZacharyLevi – Best Star Wars Pet EVER.
He’s so leetle & I just wanna squoosh ‘im! Click here for awesome!


Damn you Martha Stewart!
You & your insidious ideas! I totally want to do this now. :shaky fist!:


…and in closing, a lil’ sompin’ sompin’ bouncy to round out the day:

Music: Hanginaround – Counting Crows This Desert Life - Counting Crows

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  • http://www.candlemarkandgleam.com Kate

    Money is good, but not hating every second you spend making it is even better. Ditch the crap clients. *snug*

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