Computer tips, geek workouts, & how CPR illustrated that I really am losing my mind

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Random computer tip that I have learned from having to flip between massive amts. of webpages for proofing.

Cntrl+PageDown will move you forward through the tabs in your browser left to right
Cntrl+PageUp will move you back, right to left.

Nifty, eh? I always knew the alt+tab to move between applications, & cntrl+tab to flip the tabs one way in a browser, but doing proofing at Museum!Co I was flipping tabs right to left enough that I finally went, “Oh, there has got to be a key command for this – Internet, show me how!”

…and because the internet is awesome, it did.

Yeah, I thought it might be like that.
You know what I love? When a client is pushing & pushing and you totally do your end, and scout the wordpress templates, & they pick what they want, and you ask, “Okay, so the next question is where are we on content?”*
*don’t worry, I ask nicer than that.

…and the response you get is:

:crickets chirp:

Yeah… I suspected as such. :thumbs up!:

Uncommon create your own Animated

Losing my mind, as proven by the American Red Cross.
I’ve had this issue lately where I’m trying to do a lot of things & my brain is missing smaller details like… where I put Ernie. About a week ago, I looked up from my keyboard at 11:30 at night & realized I couldn’t remember the last time I’d heard little paws tapping around, & that the small weight I’d gotten used to having on my feet was… missing.

And for some reason, I became instantly paranoid that I’d forgotten to make sure he was inside the last time I closed the front door, so I went running for the living room, threw open the door (hours after the last time I let the dogs out, mind you) and was like, “Ernie? Ernie!

…and from his seat in the dark corner of my larger couch, my little black 12lb cheagle blinked, yawned, and looked at me like, “Dude…are you okay?”

Then last Tuesday night, I was in CPR training for Bear!Boathouse. Now, it’s the same training I’ve done for the last three… maybe four(?) years now, and we’ve all pretty much got the answers memorized, so when we were going around the room reading answers, I just looked at #4 & was like, “C… wait, that’s not right.” and then I corrected myself, but as it moved on to the next person, I’m looking at my answers thinking, “These are wrong. Oh my god, these are all wrong. How the eff are they all wrong?”

The test has two sections, and each one is numbered 1 – 10. I was looking at the 1-10 for Section B…and we were on the 1-10 for Section A.

So the conclusion I’ve arrived at is that clearly, my brain is not getting enough oxygen. I dunno what Connie & Ryan from our Red Cross Videos would recommend for my particular malady, but I’m sure whatever the cure is, they’ll have blue plastic gloves on & be at the ready.

TidySongs - Automatically Fix Your Music

Working out, Geek Style
From the twitter feed of Big Bang Theory:

Awesome until the laywers make them take it down:

When I grow up, I think I want her hair.
If I ever had the chutzpah to actually make the effort to dye my hair, I’d totally want Joss Stone’s colorist.

Joss Stone – Tell me ’bout it. Introducing Joss Stone - Joss Stone

Music: Pony, it’s OK – Erin McCarley (Love save the Empty) Love, Save the Empty (Bonus Track Version) - Erin McCarley

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