Clear your search, waiting on pins & needles, & seriously – would it kill you to just friggin’ apologize?

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Reasons to make sure you clear the cache on your work computer… In commenting on the status of a former co-worker in Facebook regarding the fact that she’s working in an office of newly married or engaged women when she’s just become newly single, I offered up a choice quote from 27 Dresses. However, in my effort to make sure I got it right, I did what everyone does – I googled it. Which, three hours later, happened to catch my eye & make me thankful I work in a closed room where no one else ever really sees my screen.

Yup. Good thing I caught that first, eh?

Okay seriously – how is it that you haven’t been taken out for the good of the pack?
I would like to preface what’s below by saying that the majority of my clients are sane, business-like people who just get the job done.

Then there are the ones that you just wanna kill.

Presently, I’m desperately trying to finish up & shuffle off the mortal coil of this PR agency whose site I contracted to do. To begin with, if you’re a PR agency, I should not have to explain to you how to write a case study, ’cause hello? That’s kinda something you should be doing for your clients anyway.

So when I pulled photos for their site, I went to, a free stock photography site. Why? Because I had no content, and I sure as sh*t wasn’t spending any money on this bunch.

However, for one of their case studies, they didn’t like what I’d chosen, so I said, “Okay, why don’t you go pick a photo you prefer, and I’ll put that up.” (Because at this point I JUST DON’T CARE) They send me back a link to, which is a great site as well, and one that I often use, but also? Not free.

Thus, I say to them what I say to every client – “Okay, go ahead & purchase the photo so that you own the rights to use it, and then forward it to me once that’s done & I’ll put it up.”

I get back, “I’m unclear on why we have to pay anything. Are we paying for the other stock photos you’re using?”

So, in a little while (when I can form actual sentences that are professional) I will sit and explain to the PR agency that’s been in business for 20 years the difference between a paid site & a free site.

Because they didn’t know enough to check that.



Because I’m tired of having be the morality police, that’s why.
About three weeks ago, somebody was a dumbass to me. And not like, cut me off at the exit ramp kinda dumbass, but the “What the f*ck is wrong with you as a person that you ever thought it might be okay to say that to anyone?” kind of dumbass. They know it, I know it, everybody knows that he fucked up pretty hard core.

And yet, are they stepping up to fix the situation? Nope. Instead, they’re hiding off in their little hole hoping I’ll just like… forget about it or something. Why? Because I’ve been nice about dealing with everything that’s come before. But honestly, continuing to do that is why these people continue to treat me like shit, and I’m really tired of that. You know what would be nice? An apology. It would be really nice if for once someone actually said, “Hey, what I did to you was wrong, and I’m sorry.” But that involves taking responsibility for having done something wrong, and I honestly am of the opinion that these people are literally incapable of acting that mature.

Being wrong is not a bad thing – being unwilling to step up, take responsibility and correct your mistake — that’s a bad thing. I’m tired of cowards, and I’m tired of having to teach adults what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. It’s time to grow up, people – when the kids you teach are more mature than you, that’s what we could gently refer to as “a problem”. I’m just sayin’.

Hi. I like it here & would like to continue doing your monkey work.
We’re almost at the end of the project that they brought me in to work on here at Museum!Co. Granted, there’s still work to be done, and another project on the way after the 1st of the year, but as of Nov 19th, I don’t have a set schedule of hours. Which today led to me having to ask the dreaded question of any contractor regarding whether I’ll have work after Nov 19th. I mean, based on the fact that I’ve been told to enjoy the Christmas party and that CaptJack already told Polgara they’d like to keep me at least through Jan, I have a feeling I’m good for at least two days a week here (which was my original schedule before they realized they were fracked & bumped me up to the four days that I’m here now) but I’ll feel better when I have it in writing that yes, you’ll have hours, and we like you and want to keep paying you.

In the meantime, I’m busy being a worrywart. Because that’s what I do. :sigh:

But hey, since we’re hitting up the cheerful mood, let’s take a moment & revel in the awesome of this Livejournal Icon. I saw it on one of my cooking blogs and had to give props to the appropo:

Music: Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble (Crazy Love)Crazy Love - Michael Bublé

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  • Kate

    …I’ve had “tee in thigh” days, and “spork in thigh” just…yeah. Totally. Says it all. O_o

    I, too, hate having to teach people about being a grownup, being mature, and actually stepping up and taking care of their shit. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s happening more and more often lately. What IS it with people and assuming that ignoring something will make it go away, or that someone else will clear up their messes and mommy them through?


    And if you thought the PR firm not knowing the difference between free and paid was bad, just go look at where the internet exploded all over Cooks Source. Apparently stupidity is rampant.

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