Bits, bobs, boundaries & being a sleeper agent for the arts.

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Well, we’re moved. Things thus far?

- it would seem that, according to DJT, I have an entire magical adventure within my apartment. More on that later.

- I’m pretty sure Zoey thinks we’re house sitting, as whenever we go out for a walk she tries to find the car. Sorry, ZeeZee, this is where we live now, kiddo.

- Ernie just thinks everything’s an adventure. I’m astounded at how well he’s been behaving as of late – he’s even already figured out to wait until we get down to the sidewalk & pee on the streetlight, as I don’t want him to get in the habit of just lifting leg on the stairs leading up to the building… which I suppose counts as me teaching my puggle not to piss off the neighbors.

- We had a moment to appreciate that I had one large box of clothes and seven medium boxes of books — and that’s after I’d culled the herd.

The result is that I’m torn between getting a Kindle Fire and waiting to see if they actually come out with the iPad Mini (I find the current iPads a bit too large for my taste) and possibly that would help cut down on the space taken up by my book collection.

h/t to k-walla for this one.


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- thanks to her present decor involving red sheets over the windows until we figure out curtains, Sachiel‘s room looks a bit boudoir-esque. This impression would probably be greatly improved by a lack of plastic bins, but I figure hey – at least she’s got the lighting down. Gotta start somewhere.

- mostly at this point, I feel like the apartment presently resembles dominoes — if I do this, it will affect this, this & this, which is a bit overwhelming.

Because boundaries are our friend.

In the course of conversation with DJT & Math on Saturday, DJT attempted to share an aspect of the collegiate experience & I quickly interrupted to set up the new rule that, unless it was something of an AfterSchool Special nature, stories involving their sex lives were to be witheld until they’d reached the age of 26.

When DJT wanted to know why 26, I informed him that was we would call the age where they became Actual People instead of Guys I Knew When They Were in High School — the first is acceptable, the second…just kinda creepy, especially since they’re approximately a decade younger than my younger brother. Or, as I have been known to refer to it, Situational Jailbait.
A term which, at one point when I was coaching, led to me walking away from a kid as his teammates explained to him what jailbait was. Ah, the joys of educating the young…

What does it say when me as a sleeper agent wouldn’t really surprise anyone?

Pause for backstory: Math‘s new girlfriend at school is an Illustration major, a fact which he & I have made several jokes about considering my profession.

As we were cleaning out the back closet in my apartment & pulling out a drafting table, art supplies, portfolios of work & paintings, I said to DJT, “See DJT, this is what I meant when I warned Math that dating an artist meant there’d be a lot of stuff to carry around.”

DJT, with one of my paintings in hand, asked, “Well, who was he?”

“Who was who?”

“Ya know… the guy. That you dated. Whose stuff you have.”

“What… what are you talking about?”

DJT pointed to the paintings & asked, “The guy that you dated who did all this stuff.”

At which point I laughed & said, “No, DJTI’m the artist in question here. My degree is actually in fine arts.”

“Psh. yah, right.” When he realized I wasn’t kidding, there were genuine flabs being ghasted as he cried, “No way! You couldn’t have been an art major! I thought it was like, design & business or whatever… Really? Really? Are you serious?”

DJT, why is this so weird to you? Yes, outside of all the other stuff, I actually am an artist.

“Because, it’s just – Okay, you just – you look really normal, that’s all. Most of the time, artists don’t look normal.”

“…thank you?”

Because you see, the truth is that, much like the Boston mob in The Departed, every year the art community takes a few of us art majors aside and says, “Okay, here’s the deal – we understand that you want to dye your hair blue and spend most of the year planning your costumes for Burning Man, but we’ve selected you for a higher cause. We need you to go infiltrate yourselves into everyday society and learn to blend with, well, the Art Muggles, whom we refer to as Auggles. Once amongst the Auggles, it’s your job to subversively promote the art community’s leftist agenda so that when The Revolution comes, we’ll be able to topple the Establishment from within.

“… also, if you get a chance while you’re there, spread around some of The Gay. Even if you’re straight, just… see what you can manage — it’s a side project we’ve been working on. Great distraction, that. Gets ‘em every time.”

But alas, now DJT knows the truth behind the mild-mannered appearance I’ve cultivated via my natural hair color and quiet, understated wallflower-ish personality.

Pity. He seems a decent fellow… I hate to kill him. Ah, well.

Music: My Body – Young the Giant Young the Giant (Special Edition) - Young the Giant

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  • Jesswjones

    Go for a nook color or tablet. BnN has more book selection, and more comparable platforms than Kindle.

    • Claris

      I hadn’t really looked at the nook (ooh! Rhyme Alert!) just because it seemed like the Kindle has been kickin’ its ass sales-wise & I figured there was probably a reason. I need to see if Mia was serious about trading though, ’cause if I can trade her my bookcase for her unused Kindle, I’m goin’ where the free technology be. ;)

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