Big giant rocks, too many blogs, & vanquishing flat tires.

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Pecking away at the Big. Giant. Rock.
As I’ve mentioned before, I have this list of a lot of back… crap that I’ve long needed to deal with & get off my plate, and I’m slowly working on chipping away at that. Today’s task was shuffling off a very nice older lady who runs a holistic shindig out of Vermont & Arizona. Her site’s been up for quite some time now, but she is the one single client that I have ever purchased a url for. I don’t normally do that – I will help you choose the domain, I’ll recommend server companies, and in some cases I have made a step by step instruction manual with pictures of how to purchase the domain/server space properly. (yes, for realzies) However, I have a very strict rule against actually buying a url for a client. Why? Because then I own your domain & server, and as many a bad web designer/client horror story can illustrate, therein lies the way of messy, messy client relationships.

However, in this case, she is simply not tech-saavy in any way, and to simply get the site up, I bought the domain.

Four years ago.

And every year, we’ve done the “we need to transfer this to your name” dance, and every year she just couldn’t understand how to make an online purchase.
Before anyone makes any derogatory comments, they’re a very nice older couple that just doesn’t understand the internet. Trust me, it wasn’t a scam, this does actually happen.

Anyway, so when it came up this year, I decided to just wrap it all up. I finally just (kindly) cracked down on it & had her send me separate emails each containing her contact info & each piece of her credit card info, & then changed domain admin, ownership, billing all over to her & renewed for the next year. To give an idea, I started this at 10am. It is now 2:48pm. Doing this has taken most of the day, and it’s a little scary how tired I am now. But it’s done, and I have one more thing taken care of.

Tomorrow’s task of fun: Sussing out my student loans. I thought I was in deferrment — turns out they have me in default. Two totally different things – who knew? :insert wacky sitcom laughter here:

TuneUp Media

In between those emails, it’s a light push day here at Museum!Co, so I spent the day paring down my Google Reader lists and working on a development deal.

Google Reader: oh holy jesus, I had so much on there that I just don’t read. At the first of the year, I went through & hit “Mark all as read” so that I could see which blogs were actually posting regularly & which I just hadn’t read in long enough that it looked like they were posting a bunch. Today I looked at everything, & basically spent the day scanning titles, choosing what looked relevant to me, filing what was useful, and ditching the rest. I had over 1k unread when I started, and the only section I haven’t gone through are the cooking/recipes, so now I’m down to….536. And since that’s just the recipes/cooking, imagine how many I had before I went through the categories of Design Blogs, Green Blogs, & Org Blogs. Ya. It was like that.

If you’re using Reader, I’d highly suggest you take a day and have at such a project, because wow, do I feel so much better having cleaned that shiznit out.

Development deal: I feel so LA just saying that: “I’m working on a development deal.” :better-than-thou-hair-flip:
No, one of the things that I’m exploring is working on brokering charitable donations within the rowing community on a commission basis. I’ve had this theory for a long time that if we change the way that things are approached in terms of how rowing teams interact with corporate america, we could get so much more done for them. Especially since rowing is historically a sport which has…no money. (There are, after all, no professional American rowers. Unlike many European countries, the USA doesn’t pay its Olympians to train.)

My way of dealing with that has been to say, “Whatever gets brought in, I’ll charge 10% of its value. So if we bring in nothing, you pay me nothing.” This statement is at least getting me in the door to pitch, and I have one project right now which is slowly, inchingly moving forward that, if I can pull it off, will at the very least being able to prove to everyone that told me I’m crazy & know that, “See, I told you it would friggin’ work!”
(And, ya know, the fact that I’ll make a hefty commission off it isn’t a bad thing either. As I said to my contact for the project today, “it’s not an entirely selfless act on my part here. At the end of the day, business is business.”)

The good news is, if I’m in the car I can now get all of your flat tires changed for free.
Since most of this post is boring semantics and low-level life grumbling, I thought I’d end the subject with progress that’s adding to my life instead of taking away, which is that I finally got AAA. This is another accomplished item on the dollars & sense list, so I’m pretty darn happy about it.

In a case of the shoemaker’s children, I bought my parents AAA for Christmas, and never got it for myself. In a fun NH/LA price comparison, it would have cost me the same amount of money to get AAA for just myself in California as it did for me to get AAA in NH for both of my parents.

Well buying that must’ve tripped their database, because I got this lovely piece of marketing mail offering me a chance to renew my membership for about 50% off, so faster than you can say sha-bam! I sent that bad boy in.

Next up is getting Zoom!Zoom! her oil & air filter change. She’s going to be so happy…

Music: Put it behind you – Keane (Under the Iron Sea) Under the Iron Sea - Keane

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