Big bangs, 25 degrees of “Seriously?”, and drinking the Anti-Christ

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What? I’m helping!
Polgara: Just left.  Fed cats for morning.  Back late Wednesday.  Want anything from SF?
Claris: Hot straight man? ;)
Polgara: From San Fran? Seriously?
Claris: I once read that in order to truly experience a city like a native, you should go look for something hard to find for a friend because it gives you a goal which forces you to leave tourist areas.  Just thought I’d help. ;P


Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries, that all started with the big bang! Bang!
Ya know, sometimes I have these delusions that I’m not nearly the big honkin’ nerd that I often joke I am.

Then there’s the day when I give in & finally watch The Big Bang Theory and check my email to find the notification, “AnimeFans is now following you on Twitter!”
(This is particularly sad since I don’t actually know anything about Anime.)

Big Bang theory quite possibly is my new Science-love. In particular, I’m fond of the fact that they broke relationships down to Shroedinger’s cat. It actually helped me sum up my life a little, because I had the following thought:

“The problem is that he likes Shroedinger’s cat, because he always liked having the possibility that he could open the box & find a live kitty — that made it easier for him to stay where he was, because he always felt like he had this insurance of the alternative cat. Then he was forced to open the box & found out he’s the one that killed his cat. And everybody thought my cat would be upset about that.
What they don’t realize is that while everybody was spending all their time looking at his experiment, my cat got smart, ate its way through the cardboard box, and escaped five months ago. So me & my cat? We are all good.”

Seriously? This whole time?
So, 1049 isn’t exactly what you would call… up to code. In fact, it’s possible that our resident insurance lawyer Closet Buffyholic may have stood in my living room, taken a deep breath to calm herself, & literally said, “This building is so not to code.”

One of its quirks is the fact that the light in the laundry room frequently blows out. (Our wiring? Special!) As such, over the last decade, I’ve gotten in the habit of just leaving a flashlight in my laundry basket.

Then yesterday, I discovered something. If I angle the string for the light about 25 degrees and then pull, the light works.

At this point in time, I am choosing to believe this is a new development brought on by the last time the tenants complained about the light being out & the landlord sending an electrician out, rather than have to accept that every so often I’ve been needlessly loading laundry using a flashlight for the last couple of… ever

Coffee and Chocolate Pairing Gift Coupon

Getting healthy with the Anti-Christ.
Okay, so I explained in a previous post about the fact that I’d started going to an auyrvedic healer to work on some stuff.

How’s it going? Okay, actually. If nothing else, the way that I eat has gotten a measurable sight better, and I’m getting my assigned yoga done at least two if not three days a week. (Once I get past Beach Sprints, my goal is to bring that up to 3-4 days a week.) Dinner is still kind of a crapshoot, but breakfast & lunch have fallen into a pattern of fairly healthy food, especially on the days that I go to Museum!Co and bring my own food with me. However, a lot of the stretches and different little things that Damian taught me to relieve stress & redirect my brain over the course of a day have been really great in help myself relax overall — if nothing else, my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore because I’m not unconsciously clenching it all the time, so that right there? Total plus.

We talked about that when I stopped in for my visit on Sunday, along with my effort to lessen my gluten intake. I may have to go hard-core gluten free for a while so that we can see if I actually do have a low-level intolerance for it as Damian suspects — it would seem that my joints’ tendency to sound like their own percussion section is sometimes an indicator of that.

When we were done with my bodywork treatment, we started talking, and Damian told me about the new dietary guides he’s trying to create to make the Ayuvedic guidelines a bit more approachable for Western lives, and in the course of it I mentioned that HelloKittyRowerFriend had turned me on to starting to use protein drinks after our workouts, since CoachIan‘s regimen is pretty grueling when you’re in the thick of it, and a couple of us have been just… tired, which HelloKittyRowerFriend, our resident Nutrition Nazi, had correctly diagnosed as us not taking in enough protein.

Now, there’s this place in Venice which regulars call The Garage, which does just the epitome of raw foods. Expensive, it would seem, but because the quality is really high & the some of the selection are things you just can’t find anywhere else.

So we walk into the kitchen of their house, and Damian starts pulling containers out of the fridge and putting things together while he’s talking to me — about two cups of raw milk (unpasturized, full fat) & a little bit of raw cream which were heated a scoche in a saucepan, then in another, like five raw eggs, some raw yogurt and a couple of other things that were then tossed in a blender & mixed together, including a bit of actual homemade curds & whey.

And there he is, happily putting things together, talking to me about how this is fantastic for one to have early in the day, because it is everything that’s in one of the protein drinks except that they dehydrate & dehydrate until it’s down to a powder but this is so much better for you, and how it can be drunk just plain, but if you want to add fruit to it, that adds a whole other element depending on what you blend in, and how he’ll email me his beta of the dietary writing for me to look over as a guinea pig, and he registers what I’m sure was an utterly horrified look on my face.

I had to explain, “Here’s the thing – intellectually, I understand that everything you’re saying is valid, and I’m game. However, for me as a woman brought up in Western culture… in the United States especially, where everything is about body image and weight, and cutting calories… raw, full-fat milk, pure unpasturized cream, five eggs, and everything else in there — dude. To that part of my brain, you’re basically asking me to drink the Anti-Christ.”

To which he laughed, and poured me a shot glass full, and told me not to worry, it’ll all be okay.

For the record, even without fruit, it didn’t taste bad. Homemade curds & whey… that I’ll attempt another day.

Music: Joshua Radin – Sundrenched WorldWe Were Here - Joshua Radin

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  • Kate

    I’m at the point where I SWEAR by protein powder. i used to drink/use it a lot, and I stopped, and a friend got me started again lately and…oh my god. That shot glass concoction you had might be drinking the Antichrist, but whey protein powder? I’m not trying to gnaw someone’s arm off mid-day anymore, and I’m less tired, too. Woo protein!

    • claris

      Oh, I believe in it too, and I’ll probably try Damian’s version as soon as I run out of the powdered stuff that I have now, because technically it is way healthier for me. It was just that moment of REAL cream, with REAL milk, with FIVE eggs at war with everything we’ve ever been taught about fat and calories, & dairy, and overcoming imprinted behavior.

      Right now, I’m just trying to find a way to integrate what I’m being taught into a relationship with food that’s not SO DRASTIC that I feel like I’ve given up everything I ever enjoyed. Also, while Damian knows what he’s doing in his head, he’s been doing it so long that he doesn’t always explain things from the basics, but that’s the downfall of anyone after they’ve worked in a field for a certain amount of time. In a way, it’s kind of nice because it leaves me to still make my own decisions & discoveries of personalizing things.

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