bees, emotional f*ckwits, & the continuing jiggedy-jig…

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Well at least it’s not just me….
Claris: what? I can at least hope ONE of us is getting some, & you’re a more likely candidate!
’cause I only seem to get hit on by married guys & emotional f*ckwits. Or, come to think of it, also married guys that are emotional f*ckwits.
KC: lol
me too sometimes

There are bees. Outside my door, to be specific. There’s a beehive somewhere around our apartment building, and since it’s the end of the season, they’re basically coming out to die, which means they’re swarming anything with light or heat that they can find. I discovered this one morning at about 5:45am when I stepped out my front door to find a swarm of about 30 or 40 bees enveloping the porch light which I normally leave on all the time. Granted, Zoey had been enjoying hunting down the errant wanderers that would get into the apartment so she could eat them (protein!), but I think for now we’ll just leave the porch light off & the front window closed for the next week whilst nature takes its course. (Note to nature: Feel free to complete the course via CliffNotes if that will speed things up.)

heart like a freight train, brain like a five year old…
… which is to say, rowing continues. There were actually two regattas this weekend, but due to the fact that
a) I hadn’t planned on rowing them anyway
b) I didn’t sleep for a full 24 hours two nights this last week

I decided to let ‘em pass this year. Besides, when you have the head of a juniors program that you’ve been involved in for three years tell you he thinks you’re worthless, it really de-motivates one to spend time around that group of people. Better to concentrate my energy on the gang down in LB & my own training and leave miserable people to their misery.
Plus, I must admit – without me around, I’m curious to see who they blame everything on.

Jiggedly jig, dammit!
Today’s schedule is to stop blogging, get some work done for Radio!Client, go see the Vedic!Boys (I swear I’ll write an explanation, I totally will) then go home, let TheMonster loose, and finish up this block of work for Radio!Client. That way, after I kill myself doing 4×10′ with 2′ off on the erg tomorrow morning, I can go home, clean my house, do my laundry, & possibly achieve some blessed, blessed order in my life for the coming week. If things go really well, I may even be able to prep food ahead of time, thus preventing me from having to live out of Whole Paycheck to eat…

Ah, life. What a whirly-gig you are – stop the ride, I need to get off!

Music: Scatter the Mud – Eileen IversScatter the Mud - Wild Blue

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