Bad eggs.

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I cook because I used to hate eggs.

No, seriously — follow along, & this will all make sense.

Every Sunday before church, my mom made scrambled eggs.

I hated them. They were wiggly, and weird, and tasted like… well I don’t really know how to describe them other than that the first time I heard the phrase “it makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth”, I kinda thought of Sunday breakfasts.
(sorry Mom)

All though college & afterwards, I was pretty hardcore on the cereal/pancakes brigade – yay carbs!

Then, about a year after I moved to LA, I had this Sunday morning where I was letting Zoey out, & I could smell my neighbors’ breakfast. They were making eggs. And it actually smelled good.

I know. I was shocked too.

On a whim, I decided to make myself eggs for breakfast – worst that happens, I lose two eggs, right? I went online, and looked up how to make an omlet, then added on to it based on what I had in the fridge.

The result did not suck, and with further culinary experimentation, I came to a sad but true realization:

My mom is kind of a suck cook.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like food, turns out I just didn’t like… her food.
(sorry Mom)

That in mind, I started seeing what was out there, and let’s face it – California’s a great place to do that. Plus… I have the internet at my disposal.

The truth of the matter is, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never taken a cooking course, I really need to get new pots, and as some of my friends can attest, it doesn’t always turn out well. (For instance, turns out those rice noodles were a bad idea.)

However, I figure I can’t be the only one that’s in this position – the learning to cook like a real person that is, not having the mom that made crappy eggs. So far, we’ve learned I have a yen for cookies (mmm… cookies), I’ve nailed down a decent chicken recipe and two days ago I was rather pleased to find I could make a decent risotto first try. (Since it was for her birthday, I think ZenMistressE was happy about that one too.)

Right now, I’m trying to bring more veggies into my world so there may be some raw food, and I like soup because it’s portable and nutritious. At the same point, I’m not gonna lie – I really love bread. A lot.

As we go and I learn how stuff is supposed to be done, I’ll probably put that up as well, since hey – you might not know how to open a pomegranate either & it turns out there are instructions for that.

I figure this is just one more aspect of the story — after all, every heroine’s gotta eat.

(sorry Mom)

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