babycakes, Enrique eff’s up, & I’ll be in my bunk.

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Round up of stuff that’s caught my eye whilst I was busy being busy:

Hello, Gluten-free baked goods!

BabyCakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York’s Most Talked-About Bakery

I am okay with there not being doodles next to my va-jay-jay
h/t to rolypolypony for this one.
Some things are just wrong, dude. And this falls in that category.

Well, she ain’t wrong.
Just remember, you only get what you settle for.
I think what I like about this is that there’s no hatred of men, but more an idea of simply asking more of oneself.

Chris Evans runs a reporter into the ground with fun.
It’s awesome because it’s true.
In my mind, apparently, West Hollywood club employees received automatic updates of which celebrities are where when. Anyway, she had no idea and also didn’t give a shit.
I can tell you from experience that unless they come up & we actually see them, no we have no idea who’s here, and after a while of working around enough celebrities, no, we really don’t care who you are – we care how much you tip.

also, I love this sentence…
When I awoke at 5:30 a.m., I slipped quietly out the front door, Googling “cabs la,” “taxis los angeles,” “help me california,” on my phone.

Yeah, honey… that happens to people alot out here.

OMG, Enrique – what the hell?
Remember how Enrique Iglesias used to be like, the pretty boy that was all sensitive & had the tragic video with Jennifer Love-Hewitt & everything… what happened to that, dude?

I’d heard “Tonight I’m Lovin’ You” on the radio, & whatever, I don’t normally buy his CDs so it was okay & another song that would play well in the club. Then I was on Pandora & heard the actual version – Tonight (I’m F*ckin’ you)

What? No. Just.. no. Enrique, I’m sorry, but you just went from being the hot guy that we all know is a player but at least has the style to deliver things well enough to make you laugh good-naturedly about him being a player to the crass asshole my brother has told me he becomes when he drinks Budweiser & informs a girl that says no, “Hey – what the hell? You are not hot enough to shut me down!”
That particular story of fraternal awesome may have caused me to groan, “Oh my god, Budweiser turns you into That Guy… I’m related to That Guy!”

Enrique. Honey. Listen to me, I’m an educated, professionally employed single female in the 18-35 demographic. I’m your base. I’m your money. And right now, this song makes me hate your ass. Whichever producer told you this would be a good idea? Fire them. Right now. ’cause trust me when I say they ain’t helpin’ you a damn bit.

Ridiculously cute – because sometimes you need that.
found after following ‘stina’s link to the Cotton Ball Doggie, another puppy tries to understand why the kitty doesn’t want to play.

Beach valet!
I hope they tipped in lollipops!

Timothy Olyphant – because I’m never against taking the time to appreciate a well-done swagger.
First off, if you’re not watching Justified, you need to be. The show is a Shakespearean Hatfield/McCoy in the verbal tradition of Deadwood, a show that I am proud to say was my only foray into Hollywood. (Yes, as a whore. I am indeed one of the original Deadwood whores. But for the record, I kept all my clothes on the entire time.) And while I started watching because hey, I was in the pilot, I kept watching in large part due to Timothy Olyphant.

Who, you may ask, is Timothy Olyphant?
Because yes. It's like that.
To borrow from Jayne Coob, “I’ll be in my bunk.”

Source interview from Women’s Health here. [PDF]

A friend/client of mine is on the voting for the Emmys. She was looking at her nominee ballot & asked me, “Justified? Is that any good?” and I walked over to the computer, and pulled that picture up. Apples walked out of her kitchen and literally stopped in her tracks. As she put it, “That man is so hot he literally just made a gay woman do a double-take.”

To the wife that’s been married to him since college… :slow clap: congratulations, ma’am. Indeed.

In honor of Lovely Poet’s promotion…

Music: Girlfriend – N*sync (Celebrity)Girlfriend - Celebrity

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  • Megdalen

    OMG! I thought that Timothy Olyphant was that guy with the stickyout ears from all these other movies. I can’t remember his name right now. But I am pleasantly suprised! But sorry, my new swoon is Chris Helmsworth from Thor. Didja see Thor?


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