baby steps finished off by a man on a horse

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Oh, Hulu, I so less-than-three you…
- it’s worth catching up on The Daily Show just to see the ep where John Oliver actually says the words “wikkid re-tah-ded”. The part of me that lived in New Hampshire possibly had a very loud comedic reaction. (sorry neighbors)
Dear Firefox:
Why won’t you open now that I’ve re-started my laptop? Momma misses you!

Is this week “Crappy Customer Service Week” and no one told me?
(or, it would seem, Kevin Smith – his? way worse than mine.)

Round 1
At the beginning of Feb, I faxed over a form to my student loan co. that I had been told would extend my payment suspension since I am indeed, still on the dole.

Tuesday night, I get home to a letter titled “Final Notice” demanding the balance of that loan in full.

Sorry… what?

Called them yesterday, & was informed that yes, they got the form, but I didn’t need to send that one, I needed the other one, which to me begged the question, “So… why didn’t you just let me know I’d sent the wrong one in?”
For the record, such odd logic as mine seemed to stump them, so they’re just going to send me another form. Hopefully this time, it will be the correct one.

Round 2
Since I was already in fine form, I then dialed my credit card company. Since I got the card, I’ve been paying for the “Life Incident” insurance – i.e., if something happens (injury, unemployment, random monkey attack, whatevs) they pick up your minimum payment from date of incident until 18 mos afterwards. When I first got laid off, I’d forgotten about it, & then in October made fun of myself for being a goober & filed the paperwork.

Turns out the reason it covers up to 18 mos is that filing the paperwork with Bank of America is also a full-time job, so you can’t look for a new one while you’re repeatedly faxing over stuff you’d already sent in. I called up, & hey guess what – I’d been selected for a customer survey following my phone call, so please stay on the line!

Luckily, the woman I spoke to (yes, spoke, not bitched, yelled or was snippy with – I’d used that energy for the student loan people previous) put me on hold, and then came back doing the one thing you rarely hear nowadays – she apologized. Seems that when they sent me the latest info notice of what my file was “missing”, they hadn’t gone back far enough to see that hey – already there. She processed my file while I was on the phone & I should have that credit rolling into my account soon.

Good for her that I had that survey, because she got a 10 out of 10 for the call I’d had that day. Bank of America, on the other hand, got a 1 out of 10 for services provided & customer satisfaction with them overall. :thumbs down:
Suck me, BoA — as soon as I can manage it, I’m headed to US Bank, who got my business account once I found out theirs was free of fees, whereas BoA wants $30/mo just to exist.

Happy new of all this? I only have the one credit card. I grew up poor, & watched a lot of my friends that were 5 – 7 years older have $10k or more in credit card debt by the time they were 30, so I only got the one secured card a while back for $500.
(Secured card: I walked in, I put $500 down as a deposit, and after a year when I hadn’t defaulted on the card, they released my deposit back to me & upped my credit line to $1k)

I basically only got it for large purchases – computers, plane tickets, in case ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE with my car somehow. However, over the years it’s slowly built up, & I let it carry a balance. So 18 mos worth of “minimum payments” — yeah, that just might clear out the whole balance of the card. Can’t wait to see how much things drop – rather scarily giddy about it, even.

The result?
Bad news – my credit score still sucks because I don’t carry any major credit other than my car, which will be paid off next year.

Good news – Other than my car and my student loans, I have no debt outside my basic living expenses, so once I’ve paid off Zoom-Zoom next June, that money can go into savings, and I might actually have savings. Woot!
Note: I actually was able to drop a little bit into ye olde ING acct. this month, which was kind of comforting, as it’s gotten quite thin, and while this is L.A., anybody that’s seen my hips knows I don’t believe in anorexia.

Not quite whistling while I do it, but possibly just bobbing my head a bit more than usual
I know I’d made the resolution to start with Utah!Co this month, but I find myself clearing out my old projects for the last two weeks, so I think the Mormons will begin on Monday. So far I’ve managed to finish & invoice Jr. Crew Team & Lutheran school. I’m this close on Bali!Hotel! client, & inches from finishing Holistic!Client. If I can get those two done this week, it’ll be a good accomplishment.

Yesterday was a particularly good day productivity-wise – I cleared out about half of my (immediate) to-do list, & am hoping to do the same over the next two days. As much as I need the immediate cash that Dolls provides, not having it in the back of my mind that I have a party each night is helping me to settle in & get work done, which is nice. Between this & rowing, I would cautiously venture I might actually be getting back in my groove.

in the meantime, I offer you this gem of advertising:
Old Spice – I’m on a horse

Music: Those Sweet Words – Norah Jones Norah Jones - Feels Like Home - Those Sweet Words

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