Apartment!Fail, Boat!Win, & the basic components of geek chemistry.

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Apartment!Fail,  Boat!Win
On Friday, after we all realized that LA through San Diego was getting hit by The Tsunami That Wasn’t For Us (sympathies to the UC Santa Cruz crew team), I started on my way down to San Diego by stopping in Long Beach to look at two apartments.

The first, which was the one I had actual hope for, was cute, and about 80, 85% close to what I’d be looking for — the second “bedroom” wasn’t even an office size, it was just an alcove, but the deal-breaker was that their version of getting it ready for new renters was to put down plush white carpeting.

…I have two dogs.

’nuff said.

That aside, the fact that when I talked to the management guy & he told me that they were looking to get someone in that weekend & required the deposit & first month as a cashier’s check, meaning we’d go to his office, he’d run my credit then & there & I’d have to go get a cashier’s check for $2k at 1:30 on a Friday afternoon & get it back to them by 5 then move in by Monday, I felt totally secure in the fact that I was never going to call him back.

Second apartment? Box dropped on a lot, not even worth talking about.

Following those, I dropped Zoey off at Mia’s Menagerie & Ernie & I continued on down to SD, which we finally arrived at three hours later. (You wanna know why the italics? Google map the distance. Better drives have been had. :sigh:)

I hung out on Friday evening, did my workout, adjusted the boat I wanted to try out, started over again the next morning, and had an amazing rowing revelation.

omfg, I finally found a boat that fits me.

The single I row up at Bear!Boathouse is the closest fit I’ve found so far — it’s a Fillipi f-15 shell with a 180 weight cap. The actual proportions of the boat are the best physiological fit that I’ve had, but it’s an openweight mens’ boat, & thus truthfully too heavy for me to race effectively.

Antonio’s boat in SD? Same shell mold, 10 kilo lighter cap. It’s a me-sized shell.

Now I just have to… send a deposit to Antonio to hold the boat, finish paying off my car around April 15th, and then… sign to finance a loan for another couple grand.


So, around the beginning of May, I will (hopefully) be moving, buying a boat, and possibly purchasing a plane ticket to visit Europe sometime in early summer. No pressure, people. No pressure.

On a bright note, as of today I owe…. $1,065.67 on the loan of my car. Very soon, Zoom-Zoom, Mommy will own you free & clear! Yay!

It’s so shiny! And fast!
Finally was able to get myself an iPhone4 yesterday — Re-up on my contract was the 12th, this was the first day I’d had time to go take care of it.

Unfortunately, because I normally use my bill pay to take care of larger things, my bank was not nearly as prepared for me to drop a couple hundred dollars, so my moment of “ooh! gimme gimme!” was belayed by me having to call Bank Of America & assure them that no, I was in fact not committing fraud on my own account — on the one hand, total pain in the ass. On the other, considering that this card usually sees nothing more exciting than the gas station, grocery store & Target, I can understand why a couple hundred bucks at the Apple Store* made them have a Scooby-Doo moment of “ba-roou?” & I feel a lot better about whether or not my card is protected.
*Given the way my life tends to go, I totally paid the extra $70 for AppleCare.

But while I was waiting on the phone at the counter, one of the other MacNerds was working on something & I noticed his tattoo:

C12 H22 O11

so of course, me being me, I asked him what it was. He informed me it was “sugah, baby, ’cause that’s what I got!” to which had to I laugh if for no other reason than appreciation of his earnest enthusiasm of delivery.

He was proud of me for at least noticing it, & I told him that I figured it had to be either sugar or caffeine, since that’s what makes geeks go, which prompted him & another MacNerd to quickly use the blindingly fast internet at their disposal to look up the formula for caffeine. (C8H10N4O2 in case anyone was wondering)

I suggested that they go to thinkgeek & check out their caffeine clothing, & as the Boy o’ Sugah walked off to help a customer, he stopped to tap the MacNerd helping me on the shoulder & inform him, “Whatever this girl wants, let’s make sure we take care of her. She’s good people.”

Sadly, this knowledge got me no discount on my iPhone. ;)

Sweepstakes 2011 Win a FREE trip to Costa Rica 468

I just tried to take a sip of tea & spilled it right down my arm. Seriously, people – I can’t take me anywhere.


…and everyone thinks I’m kidding when I talk about breeding so I can create my own personal mercenaries.
Clearly, I’m not the only one that thinks this way. Kinda wanna see this one.

Music: Sleepyhead – Passion Pit Chunk of Change - EP - Passion Pit

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  • http://www.candlemarkandgleam.com Kate

    YAY BOAT! It’s going to make all the difference in the world for you to have a boat that FITS YOU. So worth whatever you gotta spend to make it happen. :-D

  • Tony

    It took a while but I eventually found the schematics for the Filippi and I’ve gotta say, I can’t for the life of me work out where the engine & prop are gonna go let alone the cannon.

    • claris

      Tony just for you, I’ll take a picture & photoshop some on.

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