An idle mind, bosses that rock, and the VS Angles…

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Polgara: sometimes I think only dogs can hear you.
Claris: if it makes you feel better, sometimes I think only dogs understand me.

It’s possible this task does not fully occupy my brain.
Right now at Museum!Co, I’m kind of treading water. We all know it — there’s a break over the holidays before the next mishegas of migrating old content to new template for another department begins, and because it’s easier to just extend my contract rather than make a new one, I’m basically using my two days a week to clean up the dept. scutwork in the meantime. Last three weeks were going through each exhibition and inputting the dates in proper code since the last template used graphics which aren’t easily read by search engines, and this week’s new assignment is to work my way down the list of broken links that our generator tool found in the new site we just brought live and fix them, whether that means just finding the new link on the new site, deleting ones that have been determined extraneous, or tracking down the proper documents that should be linked.
If this were rowing, it’s the equivalent of someone handing you three or four milk-crate sized boxes full of miscellaneous washers, nuts, bolts and other hardware and saying, “Okay, so I need you to go through, separate everything out by type and size, and put them in its own compartment. See you in a week or two.”

Needless to say, when I’m at Museum!Co, my Facebook traffic increases measurably.

In all truth, I’m totally okay with the fact that it’s mindless — there’s something rather comforting about having work that pays (really) well, can be done easily, and that I can just walk away from and leave at work when I leave work. One of the things that sucks about freelancing is that whenever you’re not working, there’s a part of your brain that thinks about what you should be accomplishing, because there’s always something that needs to be done.

Wavee US, LLC

Technological privileges as an employment indicator.
I asked my boss on Friday if I could switch from Tues/Thurs as my work days to Mon/Wed — I wanted to have the flexibility to be able to go down to LB for the group erg sessions, as the schedules of the rest of the team members has migrated things to those nights rather than the Wed/Fri am that Ian was shooting for. CaptJack was cool with it, and then asked if I could switch back after the first of the year. I countered with the offer to come in earlier on those days so I could leave at 4, which he was cool with. He had this moment of brain freeze, and was all, “Because I’m thinking….”
and I offered, “Pushes?”
“Yes! Exactly!”

What are pushes? They’re an admin functionality of site maintenance where you have to go in & check the pages that have had changes made before they’re pushed live. (Hence the name… get it? As they say in Bahstan, it’s wikkid smaat.) Is this more scutwork? Yes. However, it’s also scutwork that’s a sign I am being integrated into the actual day-to-day workings of the department rather than just on-call projects, which is an excellent indication in terms of my contract’s longevity. You don’t spend time teaching someone how to make things work so your other employees can concentrate on their other projects, and then ditch them at the end of 30 days — it’s a waste of company time and resources. That in mind, I’m willing to wager I shall be employed at least until the end of February — yes, it’ll probably go beyond that, but I have a healthy respect for hubris and shall refrain from jinxing myself.

Plus CaptJack & I discussed getting the Museum!Co laptop I use up to speed for remote access so that I can work a couple hours here & there on the days that I don’t physically come up to the Big White Fortress on The Hill, which any sys admin can tell you is another good sign that they love me, they really really love me!
Or at least like. Like is a pretty good bet.

In truth, CaptJack is hands down right up there as one of the best bosses I’ve ever had. And as some Bronzers can tell you, for me that’s saying something, because I have run the gamut of supervisiors, including some totally shitty bosses – hell, at my first design job I went from having a Marketing Director that was fantastic to having him be replaced by an incompetent ass that decided to publicly sexually harass myself & a guy I was working with & ended up in company-mandated therapy, which is where we had another illustration of The Company doesn’t care about you, it only cares about propogating The Company. Very important lesson to remember for survival in any organization.

CaptJack, however – so totally not that boss. I knew that before I even had the offer to work here when Polgara was passing stones back in August. It started at work, they took her to the hospital, and CaptJack stayed with her in the ER while she was all hopped up on pain meds through the whole thing. Trust me, you don’t see that very often out here in LA — hell, last year I gave another rower a ride home because one of the kids took his keys by accident and none of his co-workers could be bothered to give him a ride for the second night in a row so the poor guy could get the spare set at his apt.
But in this case? Psh, this is beyond keys — Polgara’s boss sat with her in the hospital. I heard that & instantly went, “Dude. That’s a great boss. That’s a guy I’d be happy to work for.” Seems that the universe heard me & decided, “Okay, then – sounds like a plan!”

Words taste like peaches. Except funner.
I like that one of the page that I’m correcting today includes the phrase “Explodity” in its title. It’s about something called Transrational Poetry which I’m willing to bet I’d find boring if I were to investigate the actual meaning, so instead I’m choosing to live with the mental visual of people blowing up words. I think that little words, like “cat” and “dog” would make small popping noises, while larger words like “expontential” and of course “transrational” would be more varied, like the the splatter fireworks at 4th of July. Rarer words such as ClosetB’s awesome application of “proletariat” would of course have a more unique signature like the ones that are a double explosion, and then you’d have to use “supercalifradulisticexpialidocious” for the finale.

I know, right? I’m a big dork, I can’t help it — they left me alone in a corner with books as a child, and a highly independent overactive brain has been the result. Well that and the habit of being a human auto-correct for spelling, which I know is a habit that Megdalen shares with me.
One of the coaches at Bear!Boathouse puts his training plans up on the wall for the kids each week, and each week there’s a quote at the top. One week I tapped him on the shoulder & said, “So, your quote for this week?”
“If you’re going to talk about greatness and walking with giants, it’ll probably be way more impressive if you spell ‘giant’ right.”
(To this day, I’m pretty sure he still runs spellcheck before printing.)


This morning, a guy I know posted on his FB praise of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last night & referenced god’s blessing on the “VS Angles.” I couldn’t help it, I posted back regarding the fact that they were probably hoping to highlight curves rather than angles. Granted, I barely know this guy, so hopefully by now he’s seen enough of my facebook posts to know I’m a reflexive smartass, but let’s be honest — if Vicky’s is selling angles, then someone who’s maintained the illicit love affair that I have with really good bread over the last 31 years just used their Buy One Bra, Get One Bra 1/2 Off discount code to buy lingerie from the wrong damn company. I’m just sayin’.

Plus, HelloKittyRowerFriend is gonna be so proud of me when she hears I bought “real” lingerie, as she termed it. By the standard of the models that GuyReferencedAbove was praising, both pieces are pretty tame, but they are admittedly a small step up from my normal buy of solid-colored unlined underwire demi bras with minimal lace edging from Gap Body. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll finally have a revelation and become the Real Grownup Girl that several of my friends swear to god I could evolve into if I’d just give in & let them dress me.
Okay, yeah… probably not.

All right then – ’nuff rambling for one day, peoples. I have some very important links to go through & check for validity. For all I know, at this very moment there could be a Very!Important!Person! on the internet right now that’s devastated because they’re researching… Drawings of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, and the fact that I haven’t gotten to that section yet means that they’ve been thwarted in their search for knowledge by a 404 page. So there they sit at their computer, shaking their fist at the sky and saying, “Curses! I am foiled again!” :insert more shaky fist here:

What? It’s the internet. It could happen.

Music: Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

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  • TMorel

    You get remote access, I get TSA style patdowns.

    Guess Museum!Co loves you more than Gold’n'diamond!Inc trusts me :(

    Also, am now picturing you as some strange Pinocchio style puppet “I’m a real girl now”

  • Kate

    You know what’s sad? I was thinking out my comment in my head, all about great bosses and good signs that they like you, they really like you!, and then I got to that last comment of yours, about drawings of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and…you know what?

    I KNOW someone who might be interested in said drawings, and could potentially be online looking for info right now.


    Get on that. :-p

    • claris

      and this is why we’re a big bunch of scary peoples. I had a two hour conversation Monday night with someone re: the fact that ideas themselves are currency & the New World Order, so to speak, & when I got to the end, he even said, “Here’s the thing – it would never even occur to the rest of us (in that industry) to think that way.”

      That’s because I’m special! :thumbs up!:

  • Megdalen

    You slacker! I just got off the phone with an intern who works at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and she is LIVID. Get shakin’.

    (I got a shout out!)

    p.s. Yes, eschew the miserable people. Sometimes you’re called to love people who are hard to love, but when you know it’s your time for that it doesn’t seem to burn you out. But if it’s not that time, kick the negative nellies to the curb.

    p.s. Don’t you love how I used the phrases “negative nellies” and “kick to the curb” in one sentence? Merry Christmas!

    • claris


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