adventures in attempted productivity.

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Scene: Starbucks

Our heroine sits in of the comfy overstuffed armchairs, headphones in to drown out the slightly syrupy Christmas soundtrack. In order to allow for usage of a mouse, an additional 8×11 masonite board sticks out from underneath the computer in her lap.

Blue eyes squint, trying to click on just the right vector point in Illustrator to adjust the curvature of a line. It’s a click… and a miss. :insert annoying Adobe error msg. about only clicking on the line of a vector using that tool – yes, thank you I know that:

Click… and a miss. :another error msg:

Third try… no joy.

In a fit of childishness, Claris scrunches nose & makes choking gesture at computer screen. Unfortunately, lifting her hands off the keyboard unbalances the laptop from the board it’s sitting on, and there’s a quick grab to prevent the entire setup from tumbling out of her lap and onto the floor.


Hopefully one of the tables will open up soon.

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